players and organizations

Comment and expand on the statement that democracies are more susceptible to terror activity than other forms of governments. Does a democracy justify the bending of just war principles?
the paper be APA style and in length between, 3-5 pages, not including references and cover page.
Journal articles references
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players and organizations .



interview techniques for ux practitioners 1

Read the PDF chapter 3 and answer the questions:
What are some major takeaways you have from this chapter about unstructured interviews? What have your experiences with unstructured interviews been in the past?

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interview techniques for ux practitioners 1 .



topic and develop a research paper

Note: You can select the topic that is due no later than tomorrow so that it can be submitted for approva.

You will select a topic and develop a research paper relating to one of the law enforcement systems operating in the United States of America. In the Research Paper, make a connection between the selected topic and the core value of responsible stewardship. In addition, describe the characteristics/behaviors, past/historical information, and present/future needs. Research must be documented in a college-level, typewritten paper. The Research Paper must include at least 5 scholarly resources, and APA formatting is required with use of the latest APA Manual. Additionally, the paper must be between 1,200 and 1,500 words, not including title page, and references.

The topic must be submitted for prior approval.
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topic and develop a research paper .



can anyone help me in this hw 2

i need summary paper for this article
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can anyone help me in this hw 2 .



response plans 2

Create 1–2 page outlines of your response plan for three intervention scenarios.Nurse leaders need to quickly identify a strategy for evaluating a nursing leadership problem and the dynamics related to the problem, in order to orchestrate intervention efforts and put together a plan of action that leads to stakeholder cooperation.Show LessBy successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:

Competency 1: Integrate key nursing leadership, management, and communication concepts into collaborative practice situations.

Explain concepts of change theory and how it can be used as a tool to manage situations.
Describe an effective leadership style to address a problem.

Competency 2: Explain the accountability of the nurse leader for decisions that affect health care delivery and patient outcomes.

Describe how outcomes or success of the style selected for each situation could be measured.

Competency 4: Apply professional standards of moral, ethical, and legal conduct in professional practice.

Explain how professional and legal standards guide the effective nurse leader when making decisions.

Competency 5: Communicate in manner that is consistent with the expectations of a nursing professional.

Write content clearly and logically, with correct use of grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and current APA style.

Kelly, P., & Tazbir, J. (2014). Essentials of nursing leadership and management (3rd ed.). Clifton Park, NY: Delmar.
Competency Map
Check Your ProgressUse this online tool to track your performance and progress through your course.
Toggle Drawer
Nurses may employ multiple leadership styles. When thinking about an appropriate leadership style, take into consideration the personal style, the situation being addressed, the environment in which the situation is taking place, and the other people who may be involved. Anticipating potential situations you are likely to encounter in your professional life, as well as devising an effective strategy in advance to handle them, can reduce stress and promote confidence on the job.
Toggle Drawer
Questions to Consider
To deepen your understanding, you are encouraged to consider the questions below and discuss them with a fellow learner, a work associate, an interested friend, or a member of your professional community.

What strategies could you use for handling conflict with staff, patients, or patients’ family members?
What factors should you consider when determining an intervention?
What factors should you consider when selecting a leadership style in response to a problem or situation?

Toggle Drawer
Required Resources
The following resources are required to complete the assessment.
Capella Resources
Click the link provided to view the following resource:

Intervention Scenarios.
APA Paper Template.
APA Paper Tutorial.

Show Less
Suggested Resources
The following optional resources are provided to support you in completing each assessment. They provide helpful information about the topics in this unit. For additional resources, refer to the Research Resources and Supplemental Resources in the left navigation menu of your courseroom.
Capella Multimedia
Click the links provided below to view the following multimedia pieces:

Riverbend City: Getting Started Mission | Transcript.

This Riverbend City interactive media activity explains how to navigate a series of nursing simulations. Each time you are in a Riverbend City scenario, you are on a mission. A mission is a group of scenes that relate to a particular scenario.

Riverbend City: Employee Motivation Mission | Transcript.

Library Resources
The following resources are provided for you in the Capella University Library and are linked directly in this course. These articles contain content relevant to the topics and assessments that are the focus of this unit.

Lartey, S., Cummings, G., & Profetto-McGrath, J. (2014). Interventions that promote retention of experienced registered nurses in health care settings: A systematic review. Journal of Nursing Management, 22(8), 1027–1041.
Müller, C., Plewnia, A., Becker, S., Rundel, M., Zimmermann, L., & Körner, M. (2015). Expectations and requests regarding team training interventions to promote interdisciplinary collaboration in medical rehabilitation–A qualitative study. BMC Medical Education, 15(135), 1–16.
Eubank, D. (2012). [Review of the book Leading change in healthcare: Transforming organizations using complexity, positive psychology and relationship-centered care, edited by A. L. Suchman, D. J. Sluyter, & P. R. Williamson]. Families, Systems & Health, 30(4), 352–353.
Hickey, M., Kritek, P. B. (2012). Change leadership in nursing: How change occurs in a complex hospital system. New York: Springer.
Grol, R., Wensing, M., Eccles, M., & Davis, D. (Eds.). (2013). Improving patient care: The implementation of change in health care (2nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley && Sons.
Pilon, B. A., Ketel, C., Davidson, H. A., Gentry, C. K., Crutcher, T. D., Scott, A. W., . . . Rosenbloom, S. T. (2015). Evidence-guided integration of interprofessional collaborative practice into nurse managed health centers. Journal of Professional Nursing, 31(4), 340–350.
Disch, J. (2013). Interprofessional education and collaborative practice. Nursing Outlook, 61(1), 3–4.

Course Library Guide
A Capella University library guide has been created specifically for your use in this course. You are encouraged to refer to the resources in the BSN-FP4012 – Nursing Leadership and Management Library Guide to help direct your research.
Internet Resources
Access the following resource by clicking the link provided. Please note that URLs change frequently. Permission for the following link has been either granted or deemed appropriate for educational use at the time of course publication.

American Nurses Association (ANA). (2015). Code of ethics for nurses. Retrieved from…
Change Theory | Transcript. Retrieved from
NCSBN: National Council of State Boards of Nursing. (n.d.). Retrieved from
American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (2011). Core competencies for interprofessional collaborative practice. Retrieved from…

Bookstore Resources
The resource listed below is relevant to the topics and assessments in this course. Unless noted otherwise, this material is available for purchase from the Capella University Bookstore. When searching the bookstore, be sure to look for the Course ID with the specific –FP (FlexPath) course designation.

Kelly, P., & Tazbir, J. (2014). Essentials of nursing leadership and management (3rd ed.). Clifton Park, NY: Delmar.

Chapter 4.
Chapter 6.
Chapters 14–15.

Assessment Instructions
Use the Capella library and the Internet to research change theory, leadership, and communication strategies. Use the Suggested Resources to research leadership and communication concepts and change theory.

The challenge in this assessment is to create a response plan for several intervention scenarios.

There are three deliverables required for this assessment.

Rationale for this assessment:Nurse leaders solve problems or resolve conflict on a daily basis. Understanding how change theory can be applied to a situation and examining various types of interventions in advance can relieve pressure on the nurse leader and improve the workplace environment and outcomes. Rehearsing potential interventions provides a mental toolkit on which to rely during stressful times.Your management training workshop continues:

The second day of HR’s Nursing Leadership Workshop is designed to help you identify and practice effective responses and interventions to common problems and situations. Participants are presented with three scenarios and must create a response plan for each scenario, in the form of a 1–2 page outline.

Deliverables: Submit three Response Plans to complete this assessment.

Choose 3 of the 5 Intervention Scenarios linked in the Required Resources for this assessment.
For each scenario you choose, develop a separate Response Plan in the form of a 1–2 page outline.

Label each outline using the example below:

Example: Response Plan for School Nurse.

Analyze each Intervention Scenario and describe the leadership, communication, and management strategies you believe would be most effective for each situation.Use the following subheadings to organize your Response Plan outline for each situation.

Change Theory: Explain concepts of change theory and how it can be used as a tool to manage situations.

Identify elements of change theory that fit best with the scenario.
How can you use change theory to deal with conflict?

Strategies and Rationale: Describe an effective leadership style you would employ to address a problem.

Explain the rationale for choosing a leadership strategy to solve a problem.
Identify interventions to address the problem.

Expected Outcome: Describe how outcomes or success of the style selected for each situation could be measured.

Describe how you could determine improved outcomes or measure success of the leadership style selected for each situation.

What might go wrong and how would you deal with that?

Professional Standards: Explain how professional and legal standards guide the effective nurse leader when making decisions.

Additional Requirements

Written communication: Written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
APA formatting: Resources and in-text citations should be formatted according to current APA style and formatting.
Length: Each outline should be 1–2 pages double-spaced.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.
Number of resources: Use a minimum of three peer-reviewed resources.

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response plans 2 .



see the attachment 26

see the attachment see the attachment see the attachment
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see the attachment 26 .



influencing motivation

The employment of different types of power might influence a team member’s satisfaction, and thus, his or her motivation to continue. In regards to your current industry and/or the culture of your current organization, write a reflection paper that addresses the following requirements:

Describe which motivational theory, as described in Harell and Daim in the required readings for this unit, would be the most appropriate for your industry/organization. Why?
Describe which of the original power types from the French and Raven power taxonomy, as described by Elias (2008) in this unit’s required readings, would fit best with the selected motivational theory.
Your reflection paper should be two to three pages in length.

Be sure to include the rubric elements from the guidelines below:

The response reflects in-depth consideration and personalization of theories, concepts, and/or strategies.
The writing should be clear and concise with proper sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation, and it should be free from spelling errors.
The response includes all major components: accurate accounts of the topic area, critical analysis of the topic area, and scholarly or professional application of the topic area.
The response demonstrates synthesis of ideas presented, and the implications of these insights for the learner’s future learning are noted.

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influencing motivation .



business calculus 20

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business calculus 20 .



complete discussion question 10

I have attached the file below. please read the discussion lecture and complete the discussion question which is on the last page. The discussion question is based off first half of Chapter 10. must be minimum of 2 paragraphs. The topic is about sports/cultures. Complete from a guys perspective.
I have also attached Chapter 10 reading.
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complete discussion question 10 .



exotic cuisines 2

Exotic Cuisines
As a new graduate, you have taken a management position with Exotic Cuisines, Inc., a restaurant chain that just went public last year. The companyâ€s restaurants specialize in exotic main dishes, using ingredients such as alligator, buffalo, and ostrich. A concern you had going in was that the restaurant business is very risky. However, after some due diligence, you discovered a common misperception about the restaurant industry. It is widely thought that 90 percent of new restaurants close within three years; however, recent evidence suggests the failure rate is closer to 60 percent over three years. So, it is a risky business, although not as risky as you originally thought.
During your interview process, one of the benefits mentioned was employee stock options.
Upon signing your employment contract, you received options with a strike price of $50 for 10,000 shares of company stock. As is fairly common, your stock options have a three-year vesting period and a 10-year expiration, meaning that your cannot exercise the options for a period of three years, and you lose them if you leave before they vest. After the three-year vesting period, you can exercise the options at any time. Thus, the employee stock options are European (and subject to forfeit) for the first three years and American afterward. Of course, you cannot sell the options nor can you enter into any sort of hedging agreement. If you leave the company after the options vest, you must exercise within 90 days of forfeit.
Exotic Cuisines stock is currently trading at $24.38 per share, a slight increase from the initial offering price last year. There are no market-traded options on the companyâ€s stock. Because the company has been traded for only about a year, you are reluctant to use the historical returns to estimate the standard deviation of the stockâ€s return. However, you have estimated that the average annual standard deviation for restaurant company stocks is about 55 percent. Because Exotic Cuisines is a newer restaurant chain, you decide to use a 60 percent standard deviation in your calculations. The company is relatively young, and you expect that all earnings will be reinvested back into the company for the near future. Therefore, you expect no dividends will be paid for at least the next 10 years. A three-year Treasury note currently has a yield of 3.8 percent, and a 10-year Treasury note ahs a yield of 4.4 percent.
1.You are trying to value your options using BSM Model. What values would you assign, using 3-year and 10-year as the time to maturity?
2.Suppose that, in three years, the companyâ€s stock is trading at $60. At that time, should you keep the options or exercise them immediately? What are some important determinants in making such a decision?
3.Your options, like most employee stock options, are not transferable or tradable. Dose this have a significant effect on the value of the options? Why?
4.Why do you suppose employee stock options usually have a vesting provision? Why must they be exercised shortly after you depart the company even after they vest?
5.A controversial practice with employee stock options is repricing. What happens is that a company experiences a stock price decrease, which leaves employee stock options far out of the money or “underwater.” In such cases, many companies have “repriced” or “restruck” the options, meaning that the company leaves the original terms of the option intact, but lowers the strike price. Proponents of repricing argue that because the option is very unlikely to end in the money because of the stock price decline, the motivational force is lost. Opponents argue that repricing is in essence a reward for failure. How do you evaluate this argument? How does the possibility of repricing affect the value of an employee stock option at the time it is granted?
6.As we have seen much of the volatility in a companyâ€s stock price is due to systematic or marketwide risks. Such risks are beyond the control of a company and its employees. What are the implications for employee stock options? In light of your answer, can you recommend an improvement over traditional employee stock options?
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exotic cuisines 2 .