A Good Guide on How to Write a Movie Review

There is a clear difference between a movie review and a movie analysis, but students find it hard to understand this. A review is basically an honest opinion about a film, while a movie analysis is a deeper exploration of the themes and styles and messages that a movie is trying to portray. In movie reviews you state how you feel after watching a movie. You assume the reader has not yet watched a movie and you give them your unbiased opinion on the movie. Whether they choose to watch the movie or not is up to them. A movie analysis assumes the reader has already watched a movie and it therefore has a lot of spoilers. An analysis goes into deeper examination of a movie using facts and evidences to support a theme or phenomena. It also looks at characters and tries to explain why they behave the way they do. An analysis is therefore not a personal opinion like a review, but rather a series of facts supported by evidences from the movie. Now that we have understood the difference between the two, let us concentrate on how to write good movie reviews.
Purpose of a Movie Review
The purpose of a movie review is to enlighten the reader about the movie and its ideas in an unbiased way. Here is where the students go wrong. They know that the professor has already watched the movie that he/she needs reviewed. So instead of reviewing it, they analyze it, which is a mistake. Take this approach: you have just watched a movie and your friend comes to you and asks you,

“How was the movie?”

You will obviously not go into details about the film’s themes or character analysis. Instead, you will give him a general synopsis of the movie, informing him how you felt about the movie and even liken it to a previous movie that he/she has watched. That is a review. Use the same approach when writing a college paper to your lecturer. Assume he/she has not watched the movie and needs your personal opinion. While they seem quite easy and fun for a college setting, movie reviews are popular assignments because they improve students’ critical thinking abilities and their skills to report events in a comprehensible and interesting way.
Step-by-Step Guidelines

The first step is quite obvious you just have to watch the movie. You cannot review something you have not watched. However, you have to watch it more than once, jotting down ideas on a paper. Watching it for the first time will give you the emotional state that you need in order to convince your reader to watch it or not. You will grasp ideas that passed you when you watch it for the second and third time.
The second step you need to do is to carry out a thorough background research about the movie. Details such as historic events that inspired the movie, name of the filmmaker, locations and plots are necessary to provide more depth to the review.
Thirdly, you may analyze the movie. This is however not necessary if you have watched the movie severally and you fully understand it or you have done extensive research about it. It may seem tedious to do an analysis then a review, but you will fully understand the film from the beginning to the end. You will therefore create a more compelling essay that will secure you a good grade.
Next, you will have to draft an outline. An outline is a plan that will help you write the review in a cohesive and precise manner.
And don’t forget to give examples to supplement the claims you make about the film. If you feel there is something missing in the plot or there is bad casting for example, be sure to include various examples in the movie to support your claims.

How to Plan Your Movie Review
Writing an outline is important for all types of essays, not just for movie reviews. An outline will help you break down the essay into various steps, which will be easier to follow than just writing without a proper arrangement of ideas. The movie review should be organized in this manner:

Introduction. It should have a title, its release date and some background information.
Summary of the movie.
Creative elements. Since this is a film class, you need to include creative elements to make the review more in-depth. They include camera techniques, use of colors, dialogues, camera angles- movements and shots and costumes. In your own opinion explain how these elements affect the overall product.
Offer an unbiased opinion about the movie, using examples from the movie.
Conclusion. This is where you announce your position regarding the movie. You rate it and conclude whether you like it or not.

Components of a Movie Review
For your essay to be considered a review, it must have the following features:

Title of the Film. This is an important component of a review, although students choose to ignore it because they assume that the name is already in the title. You should always mention the title of the film in the introductory paragraph.
Summary. As mentioned earlier do not assume that the professor has watched the movie and skip this feature. The main goal of reviewing a movie is to summarize it and explain whether the filmmaker was successful in expressing the ideas he/she was trying to put across or not.
Filmmaker. Do some background research on the filmmaker. What are his/her religious beliefs? What are his/her political affiliations? Knowing the filmmaker better will help you understand the direction he/she was going with the film and if he/she was successful or not.
Creative elements. These are the spices that filmmakers use to enhance the plot of the movie. For instance, chilling and shrieking sound effects are used to bring out the suspense or horror in a movie, while dull colors are used in depressing situations. Keep into consideration how these elements affect your perception of the film.
Actors. Take a look at the casting also. How was their performance? Was it convincing? Which actors deserved accolades and who were a let down?
Relevance. Make sure your review relates to your course topic. If it is based on a book that you are studying in class for example, you can comment on the similarities and differences of the book and the film.

Avoid These Mistakes

Do not deviate away from the film. Avoid unnecessary details and only include historical events that are connected to the film.
Avoid using first person all the time. Since the review reflects your personal opinion, there is no need to make yourself visible throughout the essay.
Failing to do a background check on the movie.
Giving opinions without evidences from the film.

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A Good Guide on How to Write a Movie Review



A Letter of Rejection

In Letter of Rejection Samuel Johnson is asked by a women to acquire the archbishop so that her son can go to the university. Johnson later replies with many different factors on why he cannot grant her request. He successfully shows his reluctance to complete the lady’s request by utilizing definition appeal to logos and subtle tone shifts to gracefully deny her request and remain cordial. In the beginning of the letter, Johnson uses the word madam when talking about the woman, because of this use of formal addressing, Johnson reflects a very respectful and formal tone.
In the first sentence of the letter Johnson states “ I hope you will believe that my delay in answering your letter could proceed only from my unwillingness to destroy any hope that you had formed. ” through Johnson’s tone and use of certain words he shows eloquence. Johnson remains polite so there is no confute back to him because of the rejection of the woman’s request. In this letter Johnson shows he cares by using Euphemisms and letting her down easy instead of harsh and blunt. He does this because he understands she is only asking for a favor so he doesn’t want to sound impolite.
Through the use of his euphemisms and light heartedness he shows the softer side of the situation and gives a sense of hope and the feelings it brings with it. Johnson proceeds with a statement that informs the lady of her mistake of requesting such a thing from him. Johnson says “the excess of hope must be expiated by pain; and expectations improperly indulged, must end in disappointment. ” Johnson uses his tone shift of lightheartedness and upbeat to subtle shame through the acknowledgement of pain and disappointment.
Johnson states that the woman should have considered his point of view before requesting the favor of contacting the archbishop when he states “ a great man, to whom I never spoke” he continues, “for a young person whom I have never seen, upon a supposition in which I had no means of knowing to be true. ” Johnson also states “Madam, you must allow, that there is no reason why that should be done by me, which every other man may do with equal reason, and which, indeed, no man can do properly, without some very particular relation to the Archbishop and to you.
Which shows that he is shaming the woman in a nice way about how he cannot do her this favor and that she really shouldn’t have asked him for this favor. This is also communicating that he is in no position to attain her request no matter if he wanted to or not. In Johnson’s last paragraph he once again shifts his tone from a eloquent shamefulness of the woman to a, once again, lighthearted tone that he previously used in the beginning of his rejection letter.
Johnson conveys this tone change when he says, “I have seen your son this morning; he seems a pretty youth, and will, perhaps find some better friend than I can procure him; but though he should at last miss the University, he may still be wise, useful and happy. ” In this Johnson reinforcing his rejection of the womans request for the student but doing it in a way where he is wishing the best and giving a sense of hope.
He gives the sense of hope when he says “he seems a pretty youth.. ” which is Johnson using his diction and punctuation as a form of finality if his rejection of the woman’s request. Samuel Johnson very eloquently denies a woman’s request for Johnson to contact the Archbishop for her so her son may attend the university. Johnson remains formal and shows cordiality throughout his letter of rejection through utilizing definition appeal to logos and subtle tone.
A Letter of Rejection




How would you feel if you, your sister or your mother’s rights were taken away? Abortion challenges this, with many wrongly believing that it is a negative action, or a taboo subject. This leads to people believing that abortion should be banned, despite the fact that this is a completely inhumane view. Banning abortion is a violation of human rights. Would you want the law to dictate what you can do with your own body? Aborting an embryo only directly affects two people: the mother and the father.
In addition to this, carrying a baby should be a choice, and not an obligation, and so it should be up to the individual. To make matters worse, 90% of anti-abortion leaders are male, despite the fact that none of these men will ever be pregnant. Many see abortion as being against their religious or moral beliefs, failing to remember that these are views not everyone holds, and so shouldn’t be imposed on the public. If these views were forced on us, it would bring forward more questions – why would you bring an unwanted child into the world? Isn’t this cruel on their behalf?
As well as this, would you want to bring a child into a world of poverty if the parents know they cannot afford to provide for a child? Some may argue against this suggesting that an alternative is to put the baby up for adoption. When faced with the reality of this though, it is proved to be a much harder decision than believed. Would you carry a baby for nine months, go through any complications, and then go through the pain of birth for no gain at the end? This again relates to the fact that pregnancy should be a choice for the individual.
Psychologist Mary Green of the Royal London Psychology Association has said, “It has been proven through extensive medical research that women who have been through pregnancy and proceeded to give their child up for adoption are 80% more likely than other women to suffer from post-natal depression and a variety of other long-term mental health problems relating to this. ” Some people also take the view that abortion is killing a life. However, when life is created is up to the individual’s perspective.
Nearly all abortions are done within the first trimester of pregnancy. During the first week of pregnancy, the baby is a zygote and is approximately 1mm big – that’s about this tiny. As a zygote, it hasn’t developed any signs of human life at all. After this, it becomes an embryo up until the end of the second month of pregnancy. At this point, the baby is still only half an inch big and has no properly developed organs. All of this is the first trimester, and all of this is when the majority of abortions are performed.
How can this be substantial enough to count as human life? If you were to say that aborting something this tiny with no organs is murder, then isn’t the concept of stopping a human life from developing also murder? This would mean that one would be against using any form of contraception, including even using condoms. Unless you are also opposed to any form of contraception, then this is a very hypocritical view. Some also argue that by allowing abortion, it will encourage young people to use abortion as an alternate form of contraception.
This is not true. 2% of all women who have had abortions had used effective methods of birth control such as condoms and pills, and it is a known fact that these cannot always ensure complete protection from pregnancy. If someone has used birth control, why should they still be subjected to the burden of a child they do not want? If abortion was made illegal, it would force women to find alternate ways of preventing the child from developing, such as forcing miscarriage by harming oneself, or getting back-alley abortions which can often lead to death.
Here are two case studies, with the first from Bethany White who had an abortion: When I was 24, I found out I was pregnant by my short-term boyfriend. At the time, I was living alone on benefits in a one bedroom flat in an unsafe area. After I had told my boyfriend I was pregnant, he broke up with me. I was mature enough to know that it would be destructive to bring a baby up in that environment, and so I made the decision to get an abortion. Five years on, I am so glad I had my abortion as it was the best choice for me, and the potential child. Right now, I am married and have a child, and have no regrets for getting an abortion. ”
The second is from Sandra Hampton, who did not have an abortion: “I was 16 when I found out I was pregnant. I’d used a condom when having sex, but it still happened. Before that, I had plans to carry on to college, and later go to university to study medicine. However, my boyfriend told me that he’d stick with me, and because of that I decided to keep the baby. I’m now 18 with a 2 year old child, and although I love her, it is a struggle to bring her up. My boyfriend left me 3 months ago, and it saddens me every time I see my old friends and see that they’re going to uni, being teenagers and out having fun.
I know myself even now that I am too immature to bring up this child properly, but I am trying the best that I can. If I had the option again, I would have had an abortion when I was 16 and instead waited until I was older and more mature to have a child. ” As you can see, abortion is the best choice in many cases, and also the most realistic. It has the most pros, and if you find yourself doubting it by questioning the matter with an argument, think to yourself again – how would you feel if your civil rights to choose your path in life were taken away?



The 3 Types of Love Identified in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

There are numerous types of love shown within Shakespeare’s, Twelfth Night. The types of love displayed in this play include obsessive love when Orsino is seen groveling over Olivia for her hand in marriage, Brotherly love we see from Antonio and Sebastian, and extreme self-love shown to the audience, by Malvolio. The types of love that are included in this play are very significant towards the advancement of this story, and this is recognized by analyzing the 3 types of love: Obsessive, Brotherly, and self-love.
Throughout the play Twelfth Night, Duke Orsino displays obsessive “Mania-Love” towards Olivia. Duke Orsino’s character is basically summarized at the beginning of the play, he states:

“ If music be the food of love, play on.Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting,The appetite may sicken and so die” (Shakespeare I.i.1-3).

The Duke seems to be upset and unhappy with his relationship with Olivia and he is convinced that if she does accept his marriage request, his entire existence will disintegrate. Duke Orsino has had this long desire and to be with Olivia ever since he laid his eyes upon her, and all his heart begins to hurt once he realizes that she is not giving him the time of day. Orsino declares:

O, when mine eyes did see Olivia first,Methought she purged the air of pestilence.That instant was I turned into a hart,And my desires, like fell and cruel hounds,E’er since pursue me. (Shakespeare I.i.19-23)

However, due to the passing of her brother, Olivia has decided to isolate herself from socialization and majority of the people in Illyria. Even though the duke knows that her brother has passed, he still continues to send his servants to Olivia’s kingdom to make marriage proposals. With all his efforts he just continues to make the situation worse for himself as Olivia wants to be isolated during her time of grieving and instead of him feeling sorry for her, he continues to drown in his self-pity, not considering her situation. It seems as though Orsino likes the idea of having a wife, but not actually being in love with the person who he marries. Orsino’s obsession for Olivia in Twelfth Night clearly exhibits his “Mania-Love” for her.
In this Shakespearean play, Twelfth Night, we are able to witness “Philia-Love” through the close relationship of Sebastian and Antonio. “Philia-Love” is identified as an affectionate love but it can also be classified “Brotherly Love”. We see this type of love from Antonio and Sebastian when they are both first introduced into the Twelfth Night play because of the unfortunate accident of their shipwreck. It is evident that Sebastian and Antonio have a special type of bond; they seem to have the type of love that siblings have for each other. Even though they are not blood-related, they still show each other brotherly love by protecting each other, helping each other, and caring for each other. After Antonio save Sebastian from the shipwreck, their friendship becomes stronger, but when Sebastian wants to enter the city of Illyria, Antonio knows that he is not able to go with his friend since he has a criminal record in the Duke’s kingdom. Antonio’s loyalty to Sebastian is proved later on in the play when he risks his safety and identity for protecting “Sebastian” when he gets into an altercation with Sir Toby and Sir Andrew.
ANTONIO. Put up your sword! If this young gentleman
Have done any offence, I take the fault on me:

If you offend him, I for him defy you. (Shakespeare III.iv. 286-288)

Sebastian thinks the man who he is trying to protect is Sebastian, but it is not, it is Viola, Sebastian’s sister, dressed in her disguise and since they look alike Antonio must have mistaken them for one another. Antonio, being out in the open for protecting his friend, now gets caught by the Duke’s policemen and he is taken to prison. Antonio’s kind and sacrificial act completely depicts a clear vision of “Philla-Love” between Sebastian and Antonio.
Malvolio, a special character, in Twelfth night demonstrates self-love “Philautia-Love” throughout the play. Malvolio correctly depicts this type of love because he is always so full of himself, pompous, and rude. Malvolio seems to never doubt himself as he thinks he is superior to the other servants as well as Olivia’s uncle and his friend, Sir Toby and Sir Andrew. Even Olivia admits he is full of his own self-love, she says: “O you are sick of self-love, Malvolio, and taste with a distempered appetite” (Shakespeare I.v.82-83).
He taunts Feste, Olivia’s fool, by stating this:

I marvel your ladyship takes such delight in such a barren rascal. I saw him put down the other day with an ordinary fool, that has no more brain than a stone. Look you now, he is out of his guard already! Unless you laugh and minister occasion to him, he is gagged. I protest take these wise men, that crow so at these set kind of fools, no better than the fools’ zanies. (Shakespeare I.v.75-81)

Malvolio says this because he has no humor and he does not enjoy the fun things in life such as jokes. he thinks that him being proper and seeing things this way, puts him superior to everyone else. He also wonders why Olivia takes such delight in a joker, or fool and not a proper man like himself. Another time when Malvolio sees himself as superior is when Maria tells Sir Toby and company to help him get into bed and treat his sickness, he declares:

“Go hang yourselves you all. You are idle, shallow things; I Am not of your element. You shall know hereafter.” (Shakespeare III.iv.123-113)

Malvolio announces to Sir Toby and his company that he is not “of their element”, in which Malvolio is basically saying “I am not one of you guys, You are not on my level”, Malvolio says this because he feels as though he is at more of a high ranking status than all the other servants, he even thinks he is superior to Sir Toby, Olivia’s uncle, because he is a drunkard . The others decide to play a prank on Malvolio because they realize that he is getting too cocky and arrogant with the way he talks to them and treats them. Maria writes a letter in Olivia’s handwriting and leaves it on the ground for Malvolio to pick up. He picks it up and immediately begins to read it, he then thinks that the letter is directed to him even though his name was not written on it, just the letters “M.O.A.I”. He seems to think it is directed to him because he is so conceited that he thought Olivia had finally fallen in love with a servant like him. Throughout the play, Twelfth Night, Malvolio continues to make a fool of himself by following “Olivia’s” Instructions to smile constantly, go cross-gartered, and wear yellow stockings. With Malvolio being so conceited, he clearly depicts “Philautia – Love”.
Through the observation of Orsino’s obsessive love for Olivia, the brotherly love and bond shared between Antonio and Sebastian, and Malvolio’s arrogant self-love, it is evident that this Shakespearean play illustrates love on numerous levels than just one type of love. The types of love that are included in this play are very significant towards the advancement of this great Shakespearean play, and this is recognized by investigating the 3 types of love: Obsessive, Brotherly, and self-love.
Works Cited

Shakespeare, William. Oxford School Shakespeare – Twelfth Night. Oxford University Press, 1992.

The 3 Types of Love Identified in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night



CT scanner business by EMI

This case discusses about the new product conceptualization and the evolution of the CT scanner business by EMI. It also discusses what happened after the market introduction of the commercial CT scanner by EMI Ltd. In a prototypical pattern of industry evolution this case represents an industry in its growth stage since the entry rate exceeds the exit rate.
Company Background and History
EMI was started as a Gramophone company in 1898 when it used to import gramophones from US. Soon after its merger with Columbia Gramophone Company, EMI quickly gained the reputation as an aggressive technology innovator. The company was in a strong financial position as it entered the 1970s because of its success in the music industry. However in 1971 EMI losses were a major hit to an otherwise profitable company. These losses were quite staggering in the North America, with profit down some 175% from the previous year.
Their music business, long a source of reliable profit over the years, took a massive hit in 1971, down 88% along with a total revenue drop of 48% after taxes. In order to continue its growth, EMI should make a play into emerging markets with its products, or move into a new market segment. These staggering losses led to a change in the top management at EMI as well as a shift in corporate strategy. The management recognizing the risk in the music business which accounted for two-thirds of EMI sales wanted to obtain a strategic balance by divesting some of its cash flow into numerous acquisitions and internal developments. This change in strategy helped EMI to diversify in the fast growing medical electronics field with the innovation of the new product called CT scanner.
CT Scanner : The Concept
Godfrey Hounsfield, a research scientist in the EMI’s Central Research Laboratories came up with the CT scanner concept. It was a technology that wasn’t necessarily new, but often played more off older technologies with some refinement. The idea was to link the X-ray, data processing and cathode ray display tube technologies in a complex and precise manner. Since the technologies harnessed were quite well known and understood complemented by the well-established electronics capability of EMI made this new product introduction less risky in my opinion. The end goal was to create a device that was actually able to process data obtained from these different technologies and into a format readable to the technician.
Diagnostic Imaging industry
The new CT scanner product provided a superior buyer surplus based on the current technologies in the diagnostic imaging industry which are as listed below
a) X-ray was one of the widely used technologies during this time. It used rays generated by cathode ray tube to penetrate solid objects and create an image on film. The average X-ray system cost more than $100000. This product cycle was already in the mature phase of industry evolution with top 5 companies accounting for 88% of market share.
b) Nuclear imaging was still in the early stages of development, and was used to complement or in some cases replace the existing X-ray system. Since the industry was in the growth phase lot of new companies entered the market thus increasing competition. The average nuclear camera and data processing system was sold for $75000.
c) Ultrasound was a well-established technology where sonic waves which were used to create images. This technology was widely used in obstetrics and gynecology due to limitations of the technology. It cost was half of nuclear imaging and 1/3 of X-ray machine.
The CT scanner was specifically designed to do head and brain imaging thus displacing existing equipment in only few cases. The current CT technology provided higher value compared to the existing complements which was necessary to justify its high cost.
Market Analysis & Risks
Though the CT scanner technology was superior to most of the existing technologies it was necessary for the EMI management to identify the market potential for this new product. The case states that the U.S medical market represented a major opportunity for this new product due to its size, sophistication, progressiveness and access to funds.
This represented a major challenge to the company because of its limited exposure within U.S medical community. Basically they were entering with little in terms of knowing anything substantial about the market. If they are going to make a play into the market, they company strategy should be to get on board with some of the major medical associations that would use this device. By getting these associations buy in to the new technology would result in them pushing this technology into hospital thus increasing their market penetration.
The second challenge was the manufacture of CT scanner since most of its components were purchased from were purchased from subcontractors and then integrated into a functioning system which was different from EMI’s experience. If the manufacturing process if not well coordinated would cause potential backlog problems which will hamper the production of CT scanners and time to market necessary to obtain a strong market position.
Finally the company was taking a big risk by investing 6 million pounds which was half of their funds available for capital investment in that year. All the potential challenges were mitigated by the fact that there was no other product like CT scanner in the market. Employing the right strategy will help EMI to gain from the first mover advantage in this market eventually establishing a strong market position in the rapidly growing medical imaging business. Weighing the pros and cons I think Powell had a solid proposal to introduce the new product. This was also in sync with the current company strategy and the product was finally launched in April 1972 with overwhelming response from medical and financial communities.
Strategy and Challenges in 1977
After the successful product launch EMI CT scanner division was faced with numerous new challenges. First, this fast growing field attracted a lot of new entrants along with advances in technology. Thus the marketshare of EMI was shrinking as more and more competitors entered through 1973 – 1977 as shown in Exhibit 1. It is evident from the case that even though EMI had a first mover advantage it was unable to establish a strong foothold in this market. Part of the reason might be that EMI moved too slow to develop supporting capabilities.
Also EMI was not able to develop the necessary dynamic capability necessary to maintain the market potential. As a result, established companies such as GE and Seimens were able to enter the CT technology market along with lot of smaller companies. Also EMI’s vision to use scanner as a means to become a major force in medical electronics further compounded this problem since they started pursuing other imaging technologies such a nuclear imaging and magnetic resonance imaging before creating an effective commercialization system for CT scanner.
Second the U.S market faced temporary decline due to CON (Certificate of Need) which was introduced to curtail the rapidly escalating cost of healthcare. This made justifying the purchase of a $500000 CT scanner more difficult. Firms faced declining sales, as total capacity in the industry now vastly exceeded short-term demand. EMI needed to either increase its value or reduce its costs to obtain a competitive edge.
Finally the U.S hospital market is a key market and it was necessary for EMI to succeed there than elsewhere because of the scale and learning. Hence it was necessary for EMI to focus its initial product development on demands of the U.S rather than UK or other European countries because these markets will be to small to support full development. EMI started by establishing a U.S sales subsidy which further expanded it service organization to maintain its leadership image.
At the same time EMI tried to compete with all the major and potential generations of CT system introduced by its competitors. In doing so, EMI spread its resources too thinly and created a substantial confusion within its operation in the US and Britain. This resulted in increased interval between order and delivery time, which was hurting its reputation and increased the strain between the 2 business units. Each started blaming other for the delays etc. Also the new Medical Review Group Committee (MGRC) established by Powell to establish and review strategic decisions was unable to bridge the gap between these business units.
These were some of the key issues, which Powell had to tackle moving into 1977. In order for EMI to continue its market dominance these are some of the things that I think Powell should do
a) Have the U.S operation take the lead. This will help them better adhere to the changing medical imaging market in US which is necessary for long term survival of the company. He’s got to get someone to head the US and UK groups who can align these units towards a common goal. Right now, the current committee (MGRC) is simply not doing any good. It will also force EMI to move away from its core practices which is necessary to respond quickly to changing market conditions.
b) Focus on getting the CT scanner commercialized before diversifying into other fields in the medical imaging industry. I think that it is too early to attempt to become a multiple subfield player, but be ready to expand once CT business is properly commercialized.
c) Reduce the delivery lag from the date promised. This is necessary to maintain the reputation of the company and will also reduce the opportunity for new companies to enter the market and take advantage of this delivery lags. It is necessary for EMI to maintain its market position to be successful in the long term.
CT scanner business by EMI



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