3-1 Discussion: Subjectivity in Interpretation

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elect one of the artifact examples presented in this module. Your post title should indicate which artifact you have selected.Seven Wonders of the World(You do not have to discuss all Seven Wonders, but can choose one of them to focus on if you decide to choose this artifact.)Anne Frank’s DiaryBob Dylan’s song “The Times They Are a-Changin’””Uncle Sam Wants YOU” PosterIn your initial post, answer the following questions:What do you think the universal idea it represents is? Review the overview for this module for assistance in what a universal idea is.What do you think could be inferred from studying the artifact in terms of the culture and context in which it was created?What do you believe was the creator’s intention in creating the artifact?To complete this assignment, review theDiscussion Rubric PDFdocument.
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3-1 Discussion: Subjectivity in Interpretation .


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