4 Responses 06/24

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Work #1:Actual work where 2 students given their post on this:You have been assigned to investigate whether or not an employee at a local hospital has been accessing patient records and selling information to online pharmacies. It is your first day of the investigation. Put together a list of data sources that must be examined during the investigation.Work #2:Actual work where 2 students given their post on this:After reviewing this week’s resources, define and discuss the product life cycle and apply this to your redefined or new product or service.  Estimate how much time your product will stay in each phase of the lifecycle and define why you are making this assessment?Draw a representative graph of your product/service lifecycle.Note:  Because of the importance of the visual of the graph, no credit will be given to the discussion board assignment if this is missing.Please find the attachments.
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4 Responses 06/24 .


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