5 step process case study

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Select a case study fromchapter 8Sport Ethics chapter 8 case studies.pdfthat you identify with the most,work through the 5-step Rendering Ethical Judgement Model,Render a final judgement.Justify your judgement.I have attached 2 documents, please read both to help you with assignment!5 step:1. Explain the dilemma / Details (who, what, where, why)2. Identify the ethical Maxims (consequential- good and bad, categorical- right and wrong, existentialism-authentic and inauthentic.3. Time- before, during, and after4. Extenuating Circumstances5. Render the judgment- most right/good/authentic. Justify your answer.Please keep your assignment to less than 4 pages, typed and double spaced. Please reference any sources.I will be screening this assignment for plagiarism
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5 step process case study .


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