Adolescent Psychology Topic Paper!

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THERES A TOTAL OF EIGHT PAGES 2PAGES EACH SECTION.For Section 1, you will be addressing: Drug Abuse Adoloscents. 2pagesPrimary Focus – one paragraph; narrow down your topic to a specific adolescent phenomenon)Adolescent Theory – discuss at least two adolescent theories and key figures from the textbook or other credible source relevant to this topicThesis Statement (see additional resource regarding Thesis statement)For Section 2, you will be addressing: Drug abuse among adolescents. 2pagesSocial and Cultural Considerations – discuss social factors and cultural considerations related to your topic. Include discussion on social environment, media, peer, community issues relevant to this topic.For Section 3, you will be addressing: Drug abuse among adolescents. 2pagesCognitive and biological Considerations – discuss biological transitions, brain development and decision-making skills, risk-taking behavior related to your topic.Psychosocial development – include issues related to identity development, development of autonomy, moral development; development of adolescent sexuality relevant to your topic.For section 4, you will conclude. 2pagesConclusion – The concluding sections of the Topic Paper will discuss the overall findings related to your analysis section regarding your topic and what the research articles you used indicated about it. Discuss the possible societal benefits of what you discovered (for adolescents and those who work with adolescents). Indicate additional research projects that might be helpful in better understanding adolescent behaviors and issues related to your topic area. Wrap this up with an overall conclusion section that summarizes the key points of the whole final project paper
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Adolescent Psychology Topic Paper! .


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