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this is not a eassy representing your own critical opinions; instead, your task is to find the most significant criticism […]

this is not a eassy representing your own critical opinions; instead, your task is to find the most significant criticism and interpretation relating to the text you chose, and summarize it in a 1,800 word report. approx. 6 pages not including the work cited page. at least 4 sources, two should be books and the other two scholarly articles.  MLA style.  Your first par should present your central focus: key issues relate to the materials you will summarize. then present a summative conclusion.  This is not a arugumentative or interpretive eassy but a summary of critical sources.  I do not need a thesis just a introduction that provides a focus for the summaries to follow.  
this is my rough draft that i turned in that i did not finish and got a 43 on:
“Anne Bradstreet was considered to be the first serious poet of the American colonies and one of the first female writers.”(The Works of Anne Bradstreet, Kathryn Atwood)  Bradstreet lived in a time where the amount of education a women received was little to none.  A women’s place was in their homes attending to their husband and children’s needs.  “During this period women were considered intellectual inferiors,” (Anne Bradstreet, Roman Gonzalez) and anything they did that was not in the house left them to be criticized.  “Most critics believed Bradstreet stole her ideas from men because she was an female writer.”(Gonzales)  An example from her first poem every published, “The Tenth Muse Lately Spring Up in America”, sent many people into an up roar.   John Woodbridge, Bradstreet brother-in –law had to write “By a Gentle Women in Those Parts”, the title page so that the readers would know that she did not neglect her duties as a Puritan women.  Puritan women were not allowed to do anything that would take away from them taking care of their family
            Bradstreet role as a feminism writer aimed at shinning a new light on women’s contribution to the development of Puritan literature
this is the note that the teacher sent back:First, please remember that when you post late, you need to email to notify me; I won’t know the work is here, otherwise.
Next, I can’t give credit because (a) it is late without a prior request, and (b) it is far too short to accept as a sincere attempt at a draft.
This is a major essay project; it is very important to read all the supplements on the class site that demonstrate and describe the steps to follow. Also, look at other students’ drafts on the forum.
It is fine to do Bradstreet’s poetry. But the entire project is simply to find, read, summarize, and properly cite a series of critical works (no open-Internet sources, but only books and scholarly articles from the library databases) that discuss Bradstreet’s poetry. It is not a report on her life, and your own opinion is only a background concern. The main goals are to find proper sources, construct paragraph-sized summaries, and show consistent use of MLA guidelines in quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and documenting the sources. Here, you have some quotations, but without a clear framing or use of transitions; there should be a tag line, rather than a parenthetical name citation; overtly and clearly tell us who the critic is, and the name if his or her article or book in the sentence itself; see my samples. The best thing to do is work assiduously on this project and send me at least two or three pages so I can make sure you are in the right direction. You want to make sure the final version is well done, because it is a significant part of the grade.


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