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Child nutrition and pregnancy , has become a major impact on food and health illness . The year 2020 has […]

Child nutrition and pregnancy , has become a major impact on food and health illness . The year 2020 has been a major wake-up call for the whole world. COVID-19 has grappled millions of people across the globe. Before this, an average human being used to possess a laid back attitude towards hygiene, health and eating habits. Balanced diet had just remained a term in our school books. With lives getting busier day by day, processed foods have become mainstream and freshly cooked products are a rarity. When I learned how food ultimately embodied every aspect of our lives, I quickly turned to the extensive literature on traditional and contemporary human diets. While examining current food policy and agriculture, I discovered that the potential demise of humanity and nature was a result of a poor dietary habit. Just recently, I heard a Patagonian conservationist stating, “To love something, you have to inherently identify with it.” I felt it to be the most resonating description of health, nutrition and wellbeing shaping the identity and purpose of my young adult life.

Children are lacking behind proper Growth and development while . Pregnant women are unable to eat healthy nutritious food

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