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  This is a weekly journal that is turned in week 8. A journal will capture your thoughts as you […]

This is a weekly journal that is turned in week 8. A journal will capture your thoughts as you progress through the class.  This assignment is easiest if you complete this weekly and not try to do it the last week. You will need two distinct topics each week. What you will want to write about is:
1-something new you learned- and why it was important.
2- Something that piqued your interest- and why.
3- This can be a major topic or merely some fact that you encountered that you found especially interesting, didn’t know prior, or refreshed something that you have forgotten. Why was this of interest?

This information can come from our readings or from our forums. 
You will want to make sure your topics are distinct! Underline or numbering the topic is best.  
100 word weekly is the depth I am looking for, split any way needed for the two topics.  
At the end of week 7, you will also include a 150 word summary at the end of your journal  where you note what was liked, and not liked in the previous weeks. (In other words – your week 7 submission will include your weekly journal as well as a summary piece.)


You will not cover week 8.  Week 1-7 only.
A journal is not done to APA format, but attention should be paid to writing skills.
A journal is NOT a summary or restatement of topics covered.  
You can use MS Word, or RTF format only. Do not submit in any other format.

This is a sample of the expected format with a sample of how you might write a week one and two posting. Notice I underlined my topics to make sure they were distinct. It will also help you make sure you have two each week! Notice also how I made sure I explained why the topic was important to me. You don’t have to use (topic) or (reason) in your journal- just make sure that you have two topics, underlining or numbering them is best practice.
Week 1.  In our reading this week I was reminded about  (topic) Nam ei cetero audire and it is a topic I have not thought about for a long time. The reason it piqued my interest was (reason why it was important) Persius elaboraret ad cum. Ad quo semper dolores salutandi…………..
The other topic that I found interesting was  (topic) appetere accusata     because (your reason why) porro omnium percipit usu, graecis…..
Week 2. This week I learned that (topic)  omnium percipit usu and it was interesting because my parents used to do the same thing when I was younger.  (Expand)perpetua per, commune mnesarchum
The other thing interesting this week was I learned what a (topic) dicat petentium  was. It might be something small, but it was a new term for me as it was something recently discussed in our forum and it (why) reminded me of percipit usu.


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