Create a code in language NODE , in order to sign documents electronically with electronic certificate which extension are .p12 or .pfx | Angular.js | node.js | NoSQL Couch & Mongo | OpenSSL | Cryptography

1.- The electronic sign It consists of two forms, one is the graphic part and the other is the electronic […]

1.- The electronic sign It consists of two forms, one is the graphic part and the other is the electronic part

2.- The graphic part of electronic sign, consist in stamp one code (called CVC) in each sheet of the pdf document and the summary data of electronic certificate ate the end of document on one new sheet, as the example that is attached by here

3.- The electronic part of electronic sign, consist in to sign electronically the pdf document and in order to check that, the code have to be enable for verify this sign, introducing in one form the CVC code, and if the sign is correct the code must send a message saying it and downloading the same document

4.- The last new sheet where the information of certificate gone, it will be a design like the example with our logo.

5.- The time for finished the project is 7 days and 3 additional day in order to solve the comment

6.- The copyright of the code belongs to the client Felipe Saldias

7.- The communication between freelancer and client must be fluent

8.- The code will has to integrate to the principal code at the end, but for test, the freelancer have to create a simple form in order to get the input to test the code, that input will be, pdf file, p12 or pfx file, password of certificate

9.- BD Mongo, Backend Node, Frontend Angular

Skills: Angular.js, node.js, NoSQL Couch & Mongo, OpenSSL, Cryptography

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