Discipline-Based Literature Review

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Examine the major theoretical approaches, research methods, and assessment instruments used in the five perspectives of personality. Evaluate and describe the current research in these perspectives using a minimum of one peer-reviewed article for each of the five required perspectives. Present a detailed critique of each of the perspectives by evaluating the standardization, reliability and validity, and cultural considerations present in the most common personality assessments used within each. Support your opinions about each model by substantiating them with scholarly research.  Be sure to include the following:PsychodynamicBehavioralTraitLearning/SocialHumanisticThe theoretical framework(s) for the selected modelsThe major contributors to those fieldsThe methods of inquiry and assessment usually associated with those modelsAn overview of the characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of the modelsProvide a summary of your evaluation addressing the current use and relevance of these perspectives in explaining personality citing research as appropriate.3 pages.
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Discipline-Based Literature Review .


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