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My company sends cold emails on behalf of my clients to get them new leads. Right now, I buy a […]

My company sends cold emails on behalf of my clients to get them new leads. Right now, I buy a domain, set up an email address, and spends a lot of time warming up the domain and email before I can start sending out emails at a larger scale (300 per day).

I’ve heard some companies are using email/domain masking so they can use the same pre-warmed, heavy volume domain. Then they use domain masking to make it appear as if the outbound email is coming from the client’s domain. I would like to do something similar or learn about it.

I am looking for someone that knows how to do this, and then can also perhaps implement some version of it.

Please put the answer to this equation at the top of the email: 5+13 = ? (so I can see you read this)

Please be an expert at this. Please explain the RELEVANT experience or knowledge related to this topic – if you don’t, you will immediately be deleted.

This has the potential for ongoing opportunities with my company.


Skills: Email Handling, Email Marketing, DNS, SMTP, IMAP

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