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The paper must be written in APA format (cover page and references do NOT count as part of the page limit, and students must use 12-point Times New Roman font). All sources cited in the text should be properly acknowledged and included in a reference list at the end of the paper.1. What more do I need to know to reach all students, including students with learning differences or exceptional needs as ASD?  CITE THE FIVE ARTICLES ATTACHEDInclude how you would use the following with kids that have Autism Spectrum Disorder.2. The paper includes 5 section headings, which includes all three FEAPS.1.(Title of Your Paper)**  This is your introduction (no more that 3/4 page recommended)2.Instructional Design and Lesson Planning3.Learning Environment4.Instructional Delivery and Planning5.(Reflective Summary)    This is your “summing up” section (of about 3/4 page)Attach is the article you are going to use.
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EDP3004 .


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