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Theme-within-a-Theme Exploration:     Write about 800-1000 words Choose a Theme from a Story/Memoir You’ve Read for this Class and […]

Theme-within-a-Theme Exploration:
Write about 800-1000 words
Choose a Theme from a Story/Memoir You’ve Read for this Class and Explore it in Relation to a Theme from Your Life
For this essay, you will isolate a theme you’ve chosen in a particular work (within our larger Coming of Age theme) and explore it as a recurring or important theme in your own life, comparing elements of the story/memoir with those in your life, as they relate to the theme.
Important Note: This essay will have a more personal slant and tone, since you will use details and examples from your own life; however, you will also draw from the text itself and you will use one additional source (primary, secondary, and/or scholarly) besides the published piece on which you’ve chosen to focus.

Primary sources can be newspapers, magazines, interviews you conduct, diary entries, parts of film, music, or other stand-alone (non-analytical) bodies of work.
Secondary sources analyze but aren’t peer reviewed (and they aren’t scholarly).
Scholarly sources are peer reviewed. It’s a good idea early on to establish a dialogue with a librarian through the Hagerty Library, whether online or in person; they can help you pinpoint that additional source once they know what your thesis is, and your overall assignment.

Excellent projects will have:
ü  An engaging introduction and compelling thesis statement that reveals to your reader the connections you’re making between the text and yourself. Begin with a hook, and use your real voice!
ü  Sufficient textual support throughout, in addition to a primary and/or secondary source. Consistent citing (both in-text and in works cited – MLA format) of sources, including the story or memoir you’re analyzing.
ü  Correct use of MLA documentation, and adherence to conventions of academic writing and to the project guidelines.
ü  Also Note: This is an analytical, not a persuasive, essay. Nevertheless, rhetorical elements will be hard at work in your own building of the project, particularly in how you will earn your credibility as a writer by incorporating your sources, and in your approach to the assignment.
Audience and purpose: Your audience is your classmates and instructor; 
Research and evidence: Besides the text you choose for your focus, and your own experiences, you will use at least one additional primary, secondary, and/or scholarly source. Reminder: Be sure to use MLA formatting for in-text and works cited so that there is proper correspondence between the two.


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