Essay on relaxing and meditating for an hour everyday for the next 30

                                              ENGLISH ESSAY 3-4 Pages Rationale: For this written exercise, the student will compose a research paper involving both original or […]

                                              ENGLISH ESSAY
3-4 Pages
For this written exercise, the student will compose a research paper involving both original or primary sources as well as secondary academic sources. The student will compose his/her paper building on the skills of the previous essay with the added complexity of the scientific method involving two phases: 1) the student will hypothesize his/her expectations for the results and conclusions, and then perform an original research project accumulating data as s/he journals and reflects on the habit performed daily, and 2) the student will then perform informational research to acquire more content knowledge and expertise on the primary and secondary subjects relevant to his/her subject matter and topics in order to help inform the composition process.
Choose a single action and perform it for 30 days in a row (at least 21). If you’re bad at habits, then I recommend choosing something small, that can be completed regardless of location or time, and I also recommend attaching your habit to something you already do, like going to bed, showering, etc. Or if you’re feeling ambitious, or if you’re a pretty regimented person already, then try something you’ve been wanting to do a while but have put off, something more difficult perhaps.
During your 30 days, you must keep a daily journal, whether you do your habit or not. Each day, you should use the following questions and reflect on your habit performance:
· When did you do it? Time of day?
· How well you did it go? How difficult it was to get it done?
· Has it affected other things, people, or you in any way? What are the effects?
· What have you learned about yourself or the action or thing?
· How do you feel about it in comparison with how you expected it to go?
· Are you going to change anything about it tomorrow?
NOTE: In a 3-4 page paper, I have chosen my Essay to focus on Relaxing and Meditating for an Hour Everyday for the Next 30 Days
Essay Requirements:
Plan: you must begin your habit on or before Sun. March 10, and perform it daily for at least 21+ days
Length: 4 complete essay pages (at least one line on the 5th page), not including cover or References pages
Format: APA
Sources: at least 4 academic sources including student’s own journal data
· Phase 1 – students should focus on their habit and journal
· Phase 2 – after completing the habit for at least 21 days (March 31), students will then use their journal/data and conduct research of secondary sources in order to draw further conclusions about their habit acquisition, its effects, and potential social significance


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