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Essay Prompt: Given that another primary season is underway, a serious contender for the U.S. presidency (you decide the gender and party) has invited you…

Essay Prompt:
Given that another primary season is underway, a serious contender for the U.S. presidency (you decide the gender and party) has invited you to join her campaign as an undergraduate special advisor. She has heard about your recent “MMW 122: Exploring the Modern World” experience and wants your insights on what the global history of the past 250 years can teach a responsible and effective world leader today. Specifically, she would like to have your input, based exclusively on what you have learned in MMW 122, in helping her define her general policy platform in one of these three following areas: 1) how to achieve greater social fairness (think race, gender, class, etc.), 2) how to achieve greater economic equality (think property, capital, labor, development, etc.), and 3) how to achieve greater individual autonomy and sense of personal freedom (think consumerism, education, nationalism, mass culture, etc.).
She is not interested in hearing your personal political leanings or partisan values, nor is she asking you to consider what is politically expedient to get her elected (her other million-dollar consultants can do that!). Instead, she wants you to speak from a historical perspective based strictly on your MMW 122 experience. She wants you to focus on only one of these three general areas, by discussing specific historical examples and ideas from your readings and lectures to back up your overall perspective (your thesis).
In your essay response, you need to incorporate and address at least four different textual sources assigned in the course in relation to your chosen topic. No need for direct quotations or text citations, but you must fully discuss the relevance of each source to your topic. (Since the final essay is meant to be cumulative in scope, at least one of the four sources must come from pre-midterm material; at least one must come from post-midterm material)

In addition to the examples you have prepared, she will ask you to explain how TWO specific terms or names selected from the course review guides relate to your chosen topic (e.g. how do SAPs relate to economic equality?) These TWO items will be mandatory for you to address in connection to your thesis. This is the only part of the final essay that can be considered a “surprise” and it will make up one-fifth of your essay grade. The terms selected will have an obvious connection to each of the three respective topics. If you have done the course readings or attended lectures regularly, making the connections should not be hard.
Demonstrate your understanding of key, overarching problems we have covered in the course and develop a well-substantiated, thesis-based essay. In your essay, you must focus primarily on readings from the course syllabus, supplemented by course lectures and section discussions. The key challenge is for you to demonstrate that you have reflected on the assigned course readings thoroughly and critically, in conjunction with the lectures. Be sure to explain the relevance of the examples you choose (either direct or nuanced) in a coherent, reflective, and concrete manner.

In addition, please include as many terms/ passage form the 2 word documents provided below.
Thank you.
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exploring the modern world .


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