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I have learned so many things in this class it is difficult to summarize but I will do my best, I know that writing is a process that never ends, you are always learning more, adding to, or receiving suggestions on how to improve what you originally started.
I understand the importance of reading, read again, high light, make notes, read out loud, have someone else read and then post or turn in an assignment. Most important to me what I have learned is that I have so much more to learn about writing and the ability to write correctly and understanding it will be something I will have to continue to work on, since the field I am studying required so much writing and for the writing to be professional.
This class may be completed, but I will continue to study, watch webinars, and so forth as I still have much work to do on many different topics in writing, such as citing my source, paraphrasing, and my list goes on. I appreciate this class and how much I have learned and am certain I will continue to use these skills in other classes and eventually in the workforce.   
I feel like the assignment I learned most from was the unit 8 assignment. It was hard to understand How to quote a writer and make sure not to use plagiarism. It helped me how to use outside resources that were creditable and supported my statements in order to make my paper true. It’s important in my field because if I were to teach a class on addictions I’d need to use information from other people to support what I’m saying and to reference them correctly and in the APA format to be professional with the paper/ document. Reflecting on the assignment I think I might of used more creditable resources just to full proof my statements. Overall I did a good job this class and got a good grade. I’ve learned the importance of grammar, was reminded of grammar usages, and personally discovered the importance of time management. So now I make a commitment, which I should of done sooner, to have my homework done by Fridays in order to have my feedback and have it done in time and not be rushing or need an extension like I sometimes did. This was a great class and I’m glad our professor was very helpful especially with explaining our questions in the seminar. It really helped when it came to the class work. 
To begin this discussion I have chosen India as my country. The reason that I have chosen this country is because many business that I have worked for, have had departments or branches that where located in India, and because I have found many things about India fascinating especially the way they dress and the food that is prepared.
When preparing to visit India for a business trip there are a couple of things that you should know before-hand. India has 2 official languages, Hindi and English, which are spoken very widely. There are other languages that are recognized by the Indian constitution so studying up on the specified location/area will help in identifying this trait. Next, when first meeting, it is common the be introduced by a third party, so having someone that is a mutual acquaintance would help significantly. If meeting with a group of people it is custom to greet each person individually and with the oldest being first and so on.
When having a business meeting with clients, it is customary to be slightly late and to have your meeting around mid-morning. When dressing for the occasion business formal (business formal for men and pant suits or long skirts for women.) is required but factor in the warm weather of India to ensure that you are comfortable. When speaking with your client make sure to avoid aggressive postures and avoid putting your feet on any furniture as the feet are considered unclean. Eye contact is not normally sustained, especially when speaking to someone of higher status. Names are also held with high regards so make sure to address everyone with the proper title (ie Mr, Dr, etc) and surnames.
If eating with your clients it is always good to brush up on your etiquette as there are some different customs that are practiced in this manner. To start with, it is very normal to eat with your hands and utensils are not normally given unless asked for. Food is also shared, so in this sense the group would order many different dishes that would be shared among the whole group. Food however, should never be taken from anyone’s personal plate as this is very disrespectful. Since eating with your hand is the norm, remember to always eat with your right hand as the left hand is also considered unclean, and since you’re eating with your hand, do not use utensils as this will dirty them, and allow the waiter or host to serve you instead. Never say “thank you” at the end of the meal, and instead should praise the food and show your appreciation as you eat.
 I have chosen the UK as my country. As a business owner or one who works for a company that wants to expand, there are many things to take into account when going into foreign countries. The UK is a whole different country to go into and meet when trying to sell your company or build a partnership. In the UK, according to a source I found, they tend to be more introverts when dealing with people especially foreigners. Always remember to never speak to much to anyone especially someone you haven’t met. They like to keep to themselves and don’t feel comfortable talking about anything really. Building a relationship with a business partner in the UK will take a lot of time, so if I was planning on expanding my company, I would have to plan a long-term process in order to succeed. Also, keep in mind that they do not like to criticise or openly complain in public, they are very polite. There are a lot of things to avoid when entering the UK which basically revolves around personal questions about the person, religion, wars that have passed in the UK, and crime. When planning a meeting, you must be well prepared, have it planned out way ahead of time, make sure when you make it to the country, call to confirm it is still happening, although if something were to happen if you have to cancel or are late, as long as you keep all parties involved in the meeting, they will help you out. The meetings are usually at 10am unlikely over a meal, and when meeting for the first time you must give details of your business and get to familiar with the company policies as quickly as possible. It may seem like a lot, however, when trying to expand any business whether you work for it or own it, you must always try to learn everything about your future partner to be ensured they will do business with you.  


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