Formal Outline Case Study (PSY)

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For your Case Study, you will select a case study, which could be fictional or someone you know who exhibits one of the atypical disorders presented in the course. Or you can write about yourself. This is always interesting, and the paper is confidential.Case Study Formal Outline InstructionsFollow this format- including each of the following Topic Headings (Bold Type)Write one to two sentences describing each segment of the Outline.I. Case Study – a brief overview of the Fictional character (could be your journal individual)II. Diagnosis – description – Include the symptoms described in the DSM 5A. Symptom 1B. Symptom 2C. Symptoms 3 (include 4-5 symptoms with examples when writing paper)III. Etiology – Causes for this disorder. Give examples of possible causes.A. BiologicalB. PsychologicalC. Cultural or SocialIV. Social Factors – Lifestyle or family situationsV. Treatment – Suggest 2-3 treatments that are used for this disorderA. Treatment 1B. Treatment 2C. Treatment 3VI. Conclusion – Prognosis – Predict what will happen in the future for this person with or without treatmentVII. BibliographyUse your textbook, outside references, and class lectures and discussion to support your position. Students will include a minimum of 3 scholarly references. These articles can be about the diagnosis, symptoms, treatment options, etc.
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Formal Outline Case Study (PSY) .


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