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Supply Chain
Supply Chain
Product identification and location of processing
Sour Cream is a milk product that is processed by the Daisy Brand Casa Plant that is located along 752 W Ash Ave, Casa Grande, AZ 85193Cross Streets United States of America. This is the intersection of S Florence St/E Ash Ave and W Ash Ave. After buying milk from dairy farmers, the milk is transported using special cooling trucks to the company’s plant. Using numerous processes, the milk is then tested and creaming is done.  The milk further goes through a series of processes where it is mixed with other raw materials like lemonade until a fine, smooth and a tasty cream is obtained for packaging. The product is then distributed to selected company’s distributors and wholesalers from where the retailers access the products. The consumer then buys from the retailers for consumption (Chandan, & Kilara, 2011, pg. 465).
1.      Who are your major raw products suppliers?
The plants major raw materials include fresh milk, vinegar and lemon. The company has numerous appointed producers/farmers that supply the company with the raw materials. 
2.      Are there a criterion used in determining the company’s raw material suppliers?
Yes, there are company’s set standards that a supplier must meet to qualify to become a supplier. For instance, the quality of the raw materials is determined by the company, and a supplier must agree only to supply the company with raw materials that are of the required quality.
3.      What are the major risks that you encounter during processing and how do you handle them?
The major risk is raw materials handling due to contamination. However, the company has strived to put all measures in place to ensure safe raw materials handling as they are the most sensitive ingredients that can lead to risks.
4.      What determines the buying price of raw materials?
The raw materials buying price is determined by the market price. Thus, the company constantly conducts a thorough market search to determine the selling price, as well as the cost of production. This helps to determine the buying price of raw materials.
5.      Who are your major competitors and how do you handle competition to remain relevant in the market?
Our competitors are all manufacturing companies that deal with the production of products that are derived from fresh milk. To remain relevant in the business, the company ensures that it only manufactures and supplies high-quality and affordable products
6.      What is the company’s market share?
Currently, the company holds 15% of the market share in the dairy products industry.
7.      Are there plans for the company to improve its market share, or the company is satisfied with its current market position?
Depending on the current demand for dairy products like sour cream, 15% market share is low. For this reason, the company has put in place numerous strategies to improve its position.
8.      How do you handle demand and supply?
The demand in the market determines the level of supply that the company should do on a daily basis. When the consumption is high, this means that the retailers stocks clear quickly and thus automatically pushing the impact to the company.
9.      Is there a way that allows the company to be in a position to know when the distributors and wholesalers require more stock?
Yes, apart from the distributors and the wholesalers contacting the company’s plant, there are company employees that are mandated to visit the wholesalers and distributors on a daily basis.
10.  What are the strategies that the manufacturing company has put in place to ensure that the products are of high-quality and fit for human consumption?
High-quality is maintained from the raw materials production stage as the company only receives raw materials that meet the set standards. The processing process is also highly maintained to ensure that there is no any kind contamination that can take place (Hirsch, 2010, pg. 152).
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