Free online webinars for creative arts students

Stuck at home but want to stay creative? Then check these free and interactive online webinars on music, dance, poetry, painting and more. The post…

Are you missing your campus lectures and feel as though your creativity is slipping away?
If so, don’t worry. 
Now is the time to experiment with your artistry and to find inspiration elsewhere — and these free online webinars are a great place to find it!
Each offers new insight, expands your skill sets and aims to wash away your lockdown blues:
Distract yourself with the art of dance
Online webinars are a great way to keep your creativity moving. Source: Ronny Hartmann/AFP
If you’re a natural performer and you’ve been neglecting your performance skills, then check out the free monthly webinar series from the Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP).
In their most recent webinar, performance coach Dana Fonteneau explored how you can channel emotional resilience into your work and take care of yourself during the pandemic using movement.
These webinars also discuss the latest performance practices and industry trends to keep you on your toes and keep fit through these uncertain times.
Plus, it’s a great platform to connect with other creative learners from around the world while you’re on lockdown.
Experiment with different art forms
Vietnamese traditional music teacher named To Minh Cuong conducts singing classes with students through a live video app. Source: Nhac Nguyen/ AFP
From music to theatre, there are so many different art forms to experiment with.
Over at the Corel Discovery Center, they have an archive filled with interesting webinars where you can find tutorials, inspiration and even a 30-day free trial of Corel’s photo editing, video editing, graphic design or digital art software.
For example, in this free webinar, painter and illustrator Brian Pollett takes you through his process of creating psychedelic art projects.
Within one hour, Brian teaches you how to build seamless patterns, to construct common organic patterns like butterfly wings and to put meaning in your art through symbolism.
But if nature-based drawings aren’t your thing and you’re more into action-based illustrations, then there’s also a free webinar by painter Michelle Webb that teaches you how to create a movie poster.
Or, a webinar where you can create fantasy illustration by painter Douglas Sirois.
When collaboration meets creativity
Online webinars offer all sorts of creative mediums. Source: Karen Ducey/Getty Images North America via AFP
Global marketing platform The Drum recently hosted a month-long Digital Transformation Festival online. 
During this festival, viewers got to listen to a vast array of panel sessions, talks, roundtables and industry leaders who shared fresh creative insights.
Now, you can register and access webinars for free too.
For example, this webinar called “The future of creativity in a connected world” features Transport for London’s Head of Design Jon Hunter and Adobe’s Director of Strategic Development Alex Hayward as they discuss the value of collaboration in today’s interconnected society.
There are also more webinars to catch up with from The Drum, so you will surely find one to fill up your spare time.
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Free online webinars for creative arts students



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