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A one page maximum overview of your research project. This one page summary should incorporate all the major points you […]

A one page maximum overview of your research project. This one page summary should incorporate all the major points you want to emphasize from your analysis/paper. Many times in business, your co-workers and supervisors will only read the executive summary so this summary should hit on all of the important information. How well you construct this summary will be a major factor in your grade.This is NOT an introduction to your paper. This summary should include all the main points that you believe are most important. It requires you to use your best judgment and should be completed after the entire paper has been finished.

Analyze the competitive environment using Porter’s Five Forces of Industry Competition. You must look at all five forces, explain whether or not each force is powerful, moderate, or weak and why. You must back this analysis up with information specific to your industry. Include information from the case, research etc). Every item under each of the five categories may not apply to every industry. It is just as important to know what not to include as it is to know what to include:

1) Rivalry Among Competing Sellers:
2) Threat of New Entrants/Barriers to Entry
3) Substitute Products
4) Power of Suppliers
5) Power of Buyers


The following financial ratios should be calculated in this section (if appropriate financial information is available).

–current ratio =
•current assets/current liabilities

quick ratio =
•current assets-inventory/current liabilities

–debt to equity =
•total debt/total stockholder’s equity

–times interest earned =
•profits before interest and taxes/ total interest charges

–inventory turnover =
•COGS/ ending inventory

–net profit margin =
•net income/ sales

–return on total assets =
•net income/total assets

–return on stockholder’s equity =
•net income/total stockholder’s equity

Include at least three years of each ratio you have the information to calculate
These ratios must be compared to industry averages and for trends (increasing or decreasing from year to year) if you cannot find industry averages for your industry, then you should compare your company’s averages with one of the closest competitors.

The ratios should be analyzed and interpreted in the paper. (ie. you must clearly explain what the ratio analysis is showing you)

Put any strengths and weaknesses you have found in this area in your strengths and weaknesses section also.


A thorough and long list of company strengths and weaknesses should be developed and explained in this section. You must include ALL strengths and weakness from ALL functional areas (value chain). (see Hill and Jones, Chapter 4) The more comprehensive your list is, the better your grade will be!

Subheadings should include the following functional areas but you are not limited to just these areas:

1. Strategy evaluation (this section should include an analysis of the business and corporate level strategies the company is pursuing, in particular, how successfully have these strategies been formulated and implemented.)

2. Management
This section should evaluate planning, organizing, staffing, leading, controlling, with particular emphasis on planning, leadership strategies and human resource strategies.

3. Marketing
This section should evaluate product strategies, pricing strategies, place/distribution strategies, and promotional strategies.

4. Finance/Accounting
This section should include any strengths or weaknesses you found while analyzing the financial strategiesand ratios of the company.

5. Production/Operations
This section should analyze all of the production/operations strategies. (note: all activities that transform inputs into goods/services).

6. Other
This section should analyze any additional activities/strategies for strengths and weakness that don’t fit into the previous four categories.


Generate a list of goals (recommendations) for the company based on everything you have uncovered in both the internal and external analysis. Make sure that your goals flow from the information you have developed previously. Then devise strategies for achieving these goals/objectives (remember, strategies are just specific ways to achieve your goal). You should capitalize on opportunities and strengths and minimize threats and weaknesses specifically in your goals. Be creative in this section! I want to see ideas flow from your previous analysis but the more creative you are (without being completely unrealistic), the better your grade.

At least 10 credible references
Make sure that the references state the original publication name, date, volume, and author according to APA guidelines


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