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PLEASE READ EVERYTHING BEFORE HAND…..Depression Levels of Bi-Polar Patients Before and After LSR 53You will be testing the effects of LSR 53, a new medication that affects depression in patients diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder by a licensed Psychiatrist.You will draw one sample of 20 participants and give each participant (patient) a pretest for depression. (see attached)Following the pretest, each patient will start a six week trial of LSR 53, a new depression medication, in accordance with the Psychiatrist’s instructions. Following the six week trial, each patient will take a post test for depression. Results of the pretest and post test will be compared to determine if LSR 53 was effective in changing depression levels. You will compare the means of the pretest and post test via a dependent samples “t” test.Note: Use the fictitious “Bi-Polar Depression Survey” to rate each patients depression level before and after the trials.Pay particular attention to the information on the “t” test for dependent means in Chapter 7 of your text – it relates directly to your hypothesis test.Attached, you will find a data set that accompanies your hypothesis.  Your job will be to apply the formula(s) in Chapter 7 of your text to the data, interpret your results, and write your paper.  The numbers in the Pretest column are the results of the Bi-Polar Depression Survey before LSR 53 was taken. The numbers in Test column are the results of the survey after LSR 53 was taken. Higher numbers indicate greater depression levels. Max score is 100. You will be using a two-tailed test at the .05 level of significance to test your data.Your hypothesis is below: (Use this hypothesis statement in your paper)Depression levels in patients diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder change after a six week trial of LSR 53.THIS IS A TEAM ASSIGNMENT…..I ONLY NEED TO DO THE(SEE BELOW)The paper will be divided as follows:Introduction:Participants: RachelApparatus: RachelMaterials:Procedure:Results:Discussion:
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hypothesis paper .


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