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o you use any of the treatment technologies discussed in this unit at home or work? Please discuss. If you […]

o you use any of the treatment technologies discussed in this unit at home or work? Please discuss. If you don’t use any at home or work, do an Internet search, and discuss one or more of the technologies being used to treat industrial waste.
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We have a new water treatment plant being built here on the Naval base which I am going to assume that the process will be sedimentation to treat the water.  Now from my understanding, this process uses a physicalwater treatment and gravity to help remove any type of solid that is suspended from the water.  However, the effectiveness depends solely on suspended solids that react to a specific gravity (AOS Treatment Solutions, 2018). 
Because sedimentation is widely used throughout the world and is the preliminary step in this process, there are several advantages and benefits.  The first one is that there are fewer chemicals that are needed which makes the subsequent process much easier.  The biggest advantage is that it cost less than other treatments with minimal variations in the quality of water that passes through during the process (AOS Treatment Solutions, 2018).
How the process works is that it takes the wastewater within the sedimentation tank and removes the particles from the water which the accumulated solids or sludge that settle to the bottom are periodically removed.  I did not know this but there is coagulants which is added to the water before the sedimentation process starts. There is a second step in the process which is called the trickling filter that takes the activated sludge or another purification process which removes the impurities that has bacteria (AOS Treatment Solutions, 2018).
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