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READ THE VERY BOTTOM PARAGRAPH ABOUT PAYMENTS! you MUST be able to write in english to a native level for […]


you MUST be able to write in english to a native level for this role.

EXAMPLE VIDEO: [login to view URL]

Motivational video editor. (the final video should look VERY SIMILAR to example linked)

You must research and find the best Jordan Peterson/dr joe dispenza speech clips to use. They have dozens of lectures on youtube. Select highlights from any of these sources for Jordan peterson.

[login to view URL]

[login to view URL]

[login to view URL]

[login to view URL]

Topics should be – self improvement, motivation, life advice, personality etc…

You MUST become familiar with Jordan petersons work to do this role.


8 videos a month.

4-9 minutes long (3 must be at least 8 minutes long)

4K 60FPS output

Dark blue Color Grading + vignette – exactly like the example. (USE PREMIERE PRO LUTS PRESETS) – it is VERY important you use good color grading, search “luts presets premiere pro” on youtube to download some.

Subtitled ACCURATELY in English (Eurostile regular font) (use youtube subtitle generator + add corrections)

RELEVANT stock footage (videoblocks account provided once hired)

EPIC/EMOTIONAL/POWERFUL background music (copyright free) – must fit the tone of the video


Do not start the video with the original speaker video footage. Start with stock footage and mix in clips from the speaker for a maximum of 5 seconds at a time. (do this a maximum of 10 times in the video)

The introduction to each video should feature a quote from the speaker which highlights what the video is about, you must include kinetic typography for the subtitles for this intro, such as swipe ins/outs/bounces. Then the normal motivational edit with normal subtitling throughout.

You can try using footage from real movies if it’s relevant, BUT you must crop the video so youtube can’t detect/claim copyright and you must flip the video and add cinematic filters so it isn’t detectable.

If you agree to all the terms and understand, you must make a 30 second demo following all of the instructions i have given. You have 24 hours to complete it. good luck

PRICING: – You will be a partner of the channel, Once the channel starts earning revenue (it’s already monetized but doesn’t have any views) you will gain a 30% revenue share. I currently own several Monetized YouTube channels, I expect 30% to be upto $400 per month within 4 months. payment is subject to improvement/negotiation AFTER 6 weeks of successful production.

There will be LARGE FINANCIAL INCENTIVES and BONUSES put in place for the editor.

You will NOT be paid per video at the beginning, ONLY APPLY if you are willing to accept the partnership deal. This means you will NOT be paid until the channel earns enough ad revenue to be paid out by adsense. Estimated at 4-6 weeks.

Skills: Video Editing, Video Production, Video Services, After Effects

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