Need a study break? Here are some fun websites for procrastinating

These fun websites will distract you during your campus lockdown and prevent you from counting down the days until your lockdown is over. The post…

Are you trying to study during your campus lockdown but your mind keeps drifting in and out of random thoughts? 
If so, fun websites are what you need!
From random cat bouncing games to ambient sound sites that wash away distraction, there’s a distracting website waiting for all the procrastinators out there …
Bored Panda

People Are Having Birthday Parties In Quarantine And Here Are 30 Of The Funniest Pics #quarantine #birthdayquarantine
— Bored Panda (@boredpanda) March 25, 2020

Bored Panda is an online community devoted to fighting boredom.
It features jaw-dropping discoveries from across the planet and lets you submit amusing stories of your own.
For instance, a recent submission that gained a lot of upvotes showed 40 photos of people having quarantine nightmares – such as a fridge door falling off and a broken TV!

Update! #hiveworks
— Zack Morrison (@paranaturalzack) February 21, 2020

If you want fun websites that you can follow every day, why not try webcomics?
This webcomic called Paranatural is by LA-based artist Zack Morrison and follows a group of middle school students with superpowers.
And by checking the website every day on your study break, you can join in their investigations of supernatural occurrences that arise in their hometown of Mayview.

We seeing content being created for our upcoming game, #8ballpooltrickshots
Go to your mobile app store, and download now, if it’s available to your country. #comingsoon
— Miniclip Games (@Miniclip) February 27, 2020

Prefer to procrastinate with free online games? If so, Miniclip has everything you could possibly need to keep your mind whirring during lockdown.
Their selection involves action games, sports games, puzzle games, mobile games and more.
So if you’re stuck on essay sentences or you’re finding it hard to carry on with your university or school project, take ten minutes out of your day and see what there is to play.
16 personalities

Are Introverts’ social lives really THAT bad? The answer might surprise you…
— 16Personalities (@16Personalities) March 14, 2020

While you’re spending so much quality time with yourself during lockdown, why not get to know yourself better with fun quiz websites?
This one is based on the Myers-Briggs theory and asks you mind-digging questions to help determine your personality type.
So are you a Mastermind (INTJ), a Giver (ENJF), a Provider (ESFJ) or one of the remaining 13 personalities?
The Zooniverse

Radio Galaxy Zoo: LOFAR – The First Classification Results
— The Zooniverse (@the_zooniverse) March 20, 2020

The Zooniverse transports you to an online vortex of research where you can participate in a variety of projects in the fields of history, biology, the arts and medicine.
Since its launch by the Citizen Science Alliance, Zooniverse has produced a large number of published research papers and several open-source sets of analysed data!
So if you’re looking for fun, yet practical websites, enter the Zooniverse.
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Need a study break? Here are some fun websites for procrastinating



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