New Works 06/07

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Work #1:Go to the website: which focuses on civil rights issues and privacy. Pick a case.Using WORD, in your OWN WORDS, write an ORIGINAL brief essay of 300 words or more  :Summarize the caseGive your opinion of the decision.Describe how the case deals with the material in this chapterNote your Safe Assign score. Continue submitting until your Safe Assign score is less than 25. You have three attempts to complete your assignment. Attach your WORD doc and then hit SUBMIT.Work #2:After reviewing this week’s video choose one of the Major New Themes in Marketing outlined by Professor Kotler and discuss it in detail.  Provide a current-day example and how this will withstand the environmental impacts of the seven Major Wicked Problems Facing Humankind as presented by Professor Kotler.  The criteria for responses are as follows:Post must be between 250-300 words in length.Video Link:
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New Works 06/07 .


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