One of the biggest technological advancements to affect the

Question 1 5 / 5 points One of the biggest technological advancements to affect the organization in recent years is: […]

Question 1 5 / 5 points
One of the biggest technological advancements to affect the organization in recent years is:
Question options:
the ability of managers to control employees electronically.
the ability of consumers to buy online.
the introduction of hand-held personal computers.
continuing computerization of an organization’s activities.
Question 2 5 / 5 points
The Porter Five Forces model includes all of the following factors EXCEPT:
Question options:
bargaining power of suppliers.
threat of new entrants.
threat of a decrease in research and development.
threat of substitute products.
Question 3 5 / 5 points
An element of the environment as information perspective is:
Question options:
environmental relevancy.
environmental uncertainty.
environmental currency.
environmental texture.
Question 4 5 / 5 points
One challenge of conducting an external analysis is:
Question options:
an external analysis can be time consuming.
the environment might be changing more rapidly than you can keep up with.
the internal analysis of the organization is very important to managing strategically.
it is time consuming and the environment changes very rapidly.
Question 5 5 / 5 points
Organizations are __________ systems, which means they interact with and respond to their environment.
Question options:
Question 6 5 / 5 points
The law governing safe and hazard-free work environments is the:
Question options:
Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972.
Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.
Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.
Civil Rights Act of 1991.
Question 7 5 / 5 points
Which of the following is NOT one of the five competitive forces?
Question options:
Competition forms substitute products
The threat of potential entry
The strength of industry forces
The bargaining power of buyers
Question 8 5 / 5 points
A supplier will have more bargaining power:
Question options:
if it is able to provide the products that the industry is currently providing.
if the supplier’s product is an important input to the industry.
if the supplier’s products are differentiated or there are customer switching costs.
All of the answer choices are correct.
Question 9 5 / 5 points
Demographic information can be obtained from all of the following sources EXCEPT the:
Question options:
Economic Statistics Briefing Room.
Current Population Survey.
Statistical Abstract of the World.
Statistical Yearbook.
Question 10 5 / 5 points
The generation of war group was born between the years:
Question options:
Question 11 5 / 5 points
When organizations consider whether there are upcoming price increases in the products purchased by the industry, this issue refers to the __________ of the Porter Five Forces model.
Question options:
bargaining power of buyers
threat of potential entrants
threat of substitute products
bargaining power of suppliers
Question 12 5 / 5 points
A buyer will have less bargaining power if all of the following factors apply EXCEPT:
Question options:
buyers have limited information.
buyers face few switching costs.
the products purchased are highly differentiated and unique.
buyers purchase small volumes of the products.
Question 13 5 / 5 points
A challenge in conducting an external analysis is that:
Question options:
forecasts aren’t facts.
brand loyalty is low.
markets may be concentrated.
markets may be fragmented.
Question 14 5 / 5 points
Which of the general environmental sectors is affected when minimum wage laws are changed?
Question options:
Question 15 5 / 5 points
One of the factors that shape the definition of exit barriers as factor(s) that keep companies competing in businesses, even when those businesses are failing, is __________ factors.
Question options:
all of the above
Question 16 5 / 5 points
Recent census data showed that for the first time in the history of the United States there were more Americans over age __________ than under.
Question options:
Question 17 5 / 5 points
Managing __________ is an ongoing process.
Question options:
Question 18 5 / 5 points
A manager who anticipates changes and plans for those changes can be referred to as a(n) __________ manager.
Question options:
socially responsible
Question 19 5 / 5 points
Uncertainty is determined by complexity and:
Question options:
rate of change.
access to information.
difficulty of obtaining and controlling resources.
Question 20 5 / 5 points
The __________ is a trade alliance among countries.
Question options:
Global Union
U.S. Economic Act of 1996
Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Consumer Product Safety Association


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