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I have attached the two reference. no plagiarize, spell check, and check your grammar. Please only use the attached below. Only 200 word The discussion…

I have attached the two reference. no plagiarize, spell check, and check your grammar. Please only use the attached below. Only 200 word
The discussion below
According to Yukl, G, leadership is the process of influencing others to understand and agree about what needs to be done and how to do it, and the process of facilitating individual and collective efforts to accomplish shared objectives. There are many definitions of this term, however, the definition of leadership is arbitrary and subjective. Some definitions are more useful than others, but there is no single “correct” definition that captures the essence of leadership, therefore, it is better to use the various conceptions of leadership as a source of different perspectives on a complex, multifaceted phenomenon (Yulk, G, 2013). On the other hand, management is defined as being an employee who carries out actions related to planning, organizing, management and control, possessing a great level of control over any of the following elements within the organization: money, time, workload, decisions, technology, equipment, standards, meetings, other people, etc().
The difference between managers and leaders behavior varies. Leaders are visionaries, and managers are administrators (Plucknette, D, 2014). Managers follow rules unthinkingly, while leaders focus on creating innovation and overcoming obstacles. They create the rules, managers make sure rules are executed, and they usually know how to get things done. Leaders motive the people they work with, and managers oversee and regulate what people do (Plucknette, D, 2014). Therefore, leaders are usually great communicators, and good listeners. They like to engage in conversations with people to keep on innovating and collect feedback to work on areas of opportunities. Managers are usually more results oriented, and they make sure people are following the right procedures. Likewise, managers primarily focus on critically evaluating the employees, and leaders regularly evaluate themselves (Harris, M, 2017). Leaders are stronger in the areas of courage and truthfulness, and they are more willing to take the risk of new projects (Harris, M, 2017). Lastly, leaders encourage and thrive an open debate, while managers provide direction and expect compliance (Plucknette, D, 2014)
A leader is not always a manager, nor a manager is always a leader, however, there are leaders that can be good managers, and there are managers that can be leaders. Leadership can be developed though hard work, discipline, and the willingness to be one, but there are three main factors that keep most managers from becoming leaders: not understanding others well enough, not solving problems quickly enough, and not taking necessary risks (Sweeney, P, 2001).
I certainly believe I have characteristics and skills from a manager and a leader. I have more of an inclination to lead than to manage, as I know I prefer to be part of the motivation than the operation. I am constantly seeking to emphasize peopleâ€s strengths in order to improve. Also, I love to hear everything that is going on within the organization I work for, to be able to find solutions and innovate in new ways of selling. In my opinion, leaders should be humble, and able to create a sense of trust with their co-workers. Above all, they must possess the ability to inspire their team to overachieve. Moreover, I have been managing teams for over 10 years now. From my experience, the key to being a good manager relies on efficiency and execution. It is required to drive results, coach, dedicate time to employees, show respect, and be able to communicate messages effectively.
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only 200 word reply to the discussion post .


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