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Step One – Identify a quality website on the following topic: Pandemic Influenza – each student should post a website that is […]

Step One – Identify a quality website on the following topic:
Pandemic Influenza – each student should post a website that is unique (not chosen by another student). 
Provide a brief description of the resource as outlined below.  In your evaluation, be sure to identify one strength of your shared resource and explain why you feel this is a strength.  Also identify one weakness and explain why you feel this is a weakness.  Remember to provide complete citations using APA style for any outside references that you use.  Class resources can be cited using author and year.  Additional directions are below.
Step Two – Describe the resource by answering the following questions:

WHERE is the site from? Is it connected with a college, government, textbook publisher, nonprofit, business group, special interest group or an individual?  
WHAT is the site’s purpose? Is it to provide educational resources, foster communication among scientists, raise money, increase political clout, or generate support for a special interest group? If the site is sponsored by a special interest group, is that made clear from the outset? 
HOW would this site be useful to the field of emergency management and recovery efforts? 
WHO is likely to use the site? Who appears to be the target audience based on vocabulary used, level of education assumed or types of graphics, charts and links supplied? 
WHEN was the site copyrighted and when was it last updated? At the bottom of most websites, you can find the copyright date and often a note of when it was last updated. This will give a sense of how well the site is maintained, how current the information is and how reliable the links will be. 
Evaluation of the Resource: Here you should be prepared to state your opinion of the site.

Here is a Sample of a Completed Shared Reference Post:
Author: United States Fire Administration
Copyright Date: updated last in October 2004
Page (s): many
Description of the Resource
Where: This is an official website of the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
What: This comprehensive website provides links to useful information and training programs aimed at the general public, firefighters and Emergency Management Personnel.
How: I found this site by linking out from the National Fire Academy website. It is supported by National Fire Academy, U.S. Fire Administration and Federal Emergency Management Agency, who are all national organizations made-up of hired, elected or appointed leaders among our National body of Emergency Services providers and governmental representatives.
Who: The audience for the website is adults who are looking for information on topics related to fire and emergency management.
When: Although there is no copyright date on the website, it does note that the site was last updated on October 2, 2004 and there is indication that the site is updated on a regular basis.


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