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For your final course paper, you will write a 2-3 page paper on one of the controversial topics listed below (see “Paper Topics”). The purpose…

For your final course paper, you will write a 2-3 page paper on one of the controversial topics listed below (see “Paper Topics”). The purpose of this paper is for you to choose a stance on a controversial issue and integrate your knowledge about rhetoric and persuasion to defend that stance. To do this effectively, you must conduct research on your topic and apply course concepts by creating a compelling and logical argument based on evidence.
This assignment is worth 100 points. For grading criteria, see the Written Persuasive Appeal Rubric located in the Final Paper folder on eCampus.
What to include in your paper: Structure your paper in an organized manner so that there is an introduction, body, and conclusion.

In the introduction paragraph of your paper, make sure to clearly state your argument/claim. Your claim should be specific (e.g., if you are arguing for the legalization of euthanasia, are you arguing that it should be legalized under all circumstances or just certain circumstances?).
In the body paragraphs of your paper, provide reasons (about 3) to support your argument/claim. Make sure to incorporate compelling evidence and various types of appeals that we have discussed throughout the course to persuade your audience. You should also address and refute potential opposing viewpoints.
In the conclusion paragraph, summarize your claim/argument and the reasons you used in support. In addition, go beyond these points by providing implications about your argument. What should your audience do now?

Format: Your 2-3 page paper should be typed and double-spaced, use 12-point Times New Roman font, have 1” margins, and follow APA 6th edition format for all in-text and reference citations. Visit for clarification on APA style. The final paper must also include a separate cover page (that includes your name, date, section #, and ID#; see example cover page located in the Final Paper folder) and a copy of the rubric. Your document must be stapled.
References: You must use at least 6 sources (that are credible, up-to-date, and relevant) to support your argument/claim. All sources must be cited both in-text and in the References section of your paper using APA 6th edition format.

Due date: Unauthorized late and/or emailed papers will not be accepted. You must hand in a printed copy of your paper by the beginning of class.

Paper Topics: You must create and support an argument/claim based on ONE of the following topics.

Should marijuana be legalized?
Should higher education be free for all students?
Should college athletes be paid?
Should governments be permitted to use the death penalty?
Argue for or against a specific source of energy (e.g., coal, solar, nuclear, etc.).
What should role should the United States play in the war on terror?
Should presidential elections continue to be decided by the Electoral College?
Should companies be allowed to test their products on animals?
Should experimental cloning be permitted?
Should scientists be allowed to genetically design/modify children prior to birth?
Should US law enforcement be permitted to engage in torture, or “enhanced interrogation?”
Should individuals be allowed to utilize alternative/homeopathic medicines?
Should professional athletes be allowed to utilize performance enhancing drugs?
Should GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) be used in food production?
Argue for or against the morality of placing animals into zoos.
Should 21 years of age remain the legal drinking age?
Should gambling be legal?
Should recycling be mandated by law?
Should children be allowed to play contact sports?
Should firearms be more rigorously regulated?
Should the minimum wage be altered?
Should American citizens have access to universal healthcare?
Is it ethical to lie to children regarding the existence of Santa Claus?
Should tobacco be legal?
Is climate change occurring, and is it influenced by humans?
Argue for or against the censorship of controversial material in media.
Should parents vaccinate their children?
Should the US government continue to fund NASA and pursue space exploration?

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persuasive appeal paper .


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