Philosophy and Arts Worksheet

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Philosophy and Arts WorksheetTake no more than three sentences to answer the following questions (15 pts):·         What is the primary Freudian influence in reading Figure 33.2?·         Describe the difference between expressionism and abstract expressionism.·         Explain how Dada might be reflective of the change in society as a result of science opposed to psychology.·         What is one primary similarity and one primary difference between the dance of Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham?·         Review Figure 33.2. Provide three attributes of the painting that reflect the expressionist movement.Essay question – answer the following question in no more than 525 words (5 pts). Use proper APA citations.·         What are the similarities and differences of readings 33.2 and 33.3? Cite specific examples from each to support your answer.
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Philosophy and Arts Worksheet .


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