PSYC221: Personality Theories-FINAL EXAM

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For this untimed, open-resource essay exam, answer each question thoroughly and clearly, and ground it in course reading material. Essay answers must be more than 3 or 4 brief sentences, but kept within the bounds of an essay exam (4 – 6 paragraphs). All your writing must be in your own words. Paraphrase (restate what you read) rather than copying material from the course textbook or the Internet.  No copying is permitted in this course and doing so will result in zero points on the exam. Answers must be written in narrative, paragraph form.  Lists and/or sentence fragments also will not receive points.Question 1 of 520.0 PointsExplain how a personality develops through shaping and conditioning.Maximum number of characters   (including HTML tags added by text editor): 32,000Imagine that TWO of the theorists below were invited to speak at a symposium on personality theory development and are both on the stage. Someone in the audience raises her hand and asks, “So what do you think was your theory’s greatest contribution to our current understanding of human personality?” What would each of the theorists you chose say in answer to the question? Choose from among Freud, Jung, Adler, Rogers, and Horney.Maximum number of   characters (including HTML tags added by text editor): 32,000Question 3 of 520.0 PointsWhat did you learn about your own personality from this course. What “spoke” to you…what did you learn about you? This question will be graded as rigorously as the other four on the exam, so be sure to support your answer with reference to the course materials!Maximum number of characters   (including HTML tags added by text editor): 32,000Question 4 of 520.0 PointsConsider the implications of psychic determinism and what it means in terms of personality development and manifestation of personality in adulthood. Do you believe that everything you think and do is predetermined by earlier experiences? And what would that meanfor your ability to change and grow?Maximum number of characters   (including HTML tags added by text editor): 32,000Describe Allport’s definition of a mature, adult personality. Allport described the persona as something vital and internal, yet external andfalse. How can this be?Maximum number of   characters (including HTML tags added by text editor): 32,000
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PSYC221: Personality Theories-FINAL EXAM .


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