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Write an essay comparing/contrasting two or more out of the following four theorists: William James, Wilhelm Wundt, G. Stanley Hall, and Kurt Lewin.  Please talk about their theories, rather than their biographies.  Your essay should contain about 500 words summarizing the theories you have chosen to compare/contrast.  Then, you must add about 250 words for the conclusion, which must answer the following question:  How do these theorists relate to psychology TODAY, that is, to current concerns and the contemporary situation in the field of psychology in our own time?  Your complete essay (summaries of the theories plus your conclusion) should be 750 – 1,000 words long, that is, a MINIMUM of 750 words and a MAXIMUM of 1,000 words (strictly enforced).   Most importantly, the entire essay must be ENTIRELY in your own words. Turnitin will check this (that the essay is in your own words) automatically.  If you plagiarize the essay, or use anyone else’s words other than YOUR OWN, you will automatically fail this exam, so please be very careful.  You do not have to quote any of your sources.  But if you do decide to quote anything (that is, use words from another source) you MUST put these words in quotation marks, to show that they are a direct quote, and not your own words.  Failing to do that (use quotation marks for any words that are not your own) may result in your receiving a failing grade for this exam.
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Psychology Essay exam .


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