PSYCHOLOGY Information Literacy Research Paper 5-6 pages

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1. Plagiarism of any kind will not be permitted. Will render a grade of zero and notification to the Dean.2.Choose one of the following PreApproved Topics or Submit a Topic for my approval by Monday 4.5.21via Canvas EmailTOPIC IS :SENSATION AND PERCEPTIONRequirements:Few pointers to address in this Research Paper:Thoroughly explain the topicHow does (the topic) Psychologically (also physically, mentally, socially, etc) affect/affect people?Explore the newest research available on this topicWhat is your own personal take, stance, perception or/and thoughts pertaining to the topic?5-6 pages long (Not including Cover page and Bibliography page)size 12 font *New Times Roman font*Double Spacedmust use and cite at least 8 different resourcesmust use varied resources including: newspapers, journals, magazines, reputable internet resources, books, blogs, radio, tv shows, and textbook.must use APA format Styleyou can use this as a reference (Links to an external site.)
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PSYCHOLOGY Information Literacy Research Paper 5-6 pages .


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