Psychology Research Paper (PSY 2012)

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I need a research paper about any research related to Psychology.1. Research Paper: Choose any psychological disorder or topic in Psychology. Using DSM-V criteria, describe the disorder, along with symptoms, etiology, pervasiveness, etc. Find a minimum of three peer reviewed references from a journal articles to support your arguments. This is not an ESSAY, so it must be supported by previous research and be written in APA STYLE!Paper specifics (including APA style).(Look into tutorial or OWL Purdue for guidance).Use the APA style template on word to write your paper.A. 12 point Times RomanB. 3.5 pages double spaced of content, plus Title page, Abstract, and References page.C. Margins must be 1” on all sidesD. Read the present literature (no more than 5 years old) on the disorder or topic in psychology you have chosen. Using critical thinking skills, evaluate the information, and include it as support for your topic of choice.If you are not researching a disorder, and you are researching a topic in psychology, do the same.· Some recommended topics are:o Analysis of a current issue or event (i.e. racial profiling)o How to become an effective leadero Good study habits and their applicationso Modeling behavior for the future generationso A psychological disorder (Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder)o Any other research topic that you might find to be relevant to the course.
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Psychology Research Paper (PSY 2012) .


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