Research and Critique a Qualitative Study

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1)Identify the specific qualitative research design used in the qualitative study attached2)Summarize the main points of the study including information on the research question, sampling strategy, research design, data analysis method(s), findings, and conclusion(s).3)Evaluate the published qualitative research study focusing on and identifying the researcher’s paradigm or worldview and any evidence of reflexivity described in the report.4)Explain whether or not potential biases were adequately addressed by the researchers. 5)Describe how the researchers applied ethical principles in the research study.HERE IS THE CITATION FOR THE QUALITATIVE STUDY ATTACHEDReferencesHarrod, M., Miller, E. M., Henry, J., & Zivin, K. (2017). “I’ve never been able to stay in a job”: A qualitative study of Veterans’ experiences of maintaining employment. Work, 57(2), 259–268.
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Research and Critique a Qualitative Study .


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