Research Methods and Statistics

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Write a 5-8 page (not including cover or reference pages) critique of a peer-reviewed research article.Mullen, P. R., Chae, N., Backer, A., & Niles, J. (2021). School Counselor Burnout, Job Stress, and Job Satisfaction by Student Caseload. NASSP Bulletin, 105(1), 25–42. Submission must be double-spaced, 12-point font, and adhere to APA style. It must include a cover page and a reference pageA critique is a detailed analysis – not a recap or summary.Number and Label the following headings and be sure to address each item thoroughly:Introduction: Identify your articlePurpose: Briefly describe the purpose of the research studyVariables: Identify and explain the Independent and DependentVariable(s) used in the research study you have selected. You must explicitly state, “The independent variable is…” and “the dependent variable is…”Sample: identify and explain the strengths and limitations of the sample of participants used in this research studyValidity: identify all the possible internal and external threats to validity from the research study you have identifiedComparison with the Literature: Compare and contrast the research findings from the research study you have identified with at least two other research articles on the same or similar keyword(s).
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Research Methods and Statistics .


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