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Guided Response: Review and respond to two of your classmates’ posts. Share with them what you learned from their comments […]

Guided Response: Review and respond to two of your classmates’ posts. Share with them what you learned from their comments and additional ideas you have for Mrs. Smith in the areas of assessment, culture, and learning styles and how they can best be supported or utilized in the classroom.  

Part 3
Discussion 2
Week 5
 Part 3: Mrs. Smith reflected upon her teaching and upon the assessment. She then reflected upon Sarah and the type of learner she tends to be. One thing that she decided was that the test format was not appropriate for Sarah’s learning style and that next time she could offer Sarah part of the test orally to see how she does.
• What is something else that she may have reflected upon?
Mrs. Smith could’ve reflected on the fact that Sarah normally receives average grades in reading on her report card so that should red flag reading comprehension. She also needs to reflect on that Sarah is not a strong writer. This information would be most helpful in coming up with a better method to test Sarah’s knowledge of information.
• How will knowing Sarah’s learning style help Mrs. Smith be a more effective teacher? Sarah’s learning style will help Mrs. Smith be a more effective teacher because she can approach teaching Sarah and others according to their individual learning style and not settling for the same learning style for each child. Mrs. Smith will come up with other strategies to meet each child where they are.
• How will you as an educator ensure you know all your students’ learning styles and plan in order to enhance their intelligences? As an educator to ensure I know all my students’ learning styles and plan to enhance their intelligences, I will first observe and take notes at the feedback I’m receiving and at what time. I will teach using visual aid and hands on materials. I will have various strategies in place to access the strengths and weaknesses of each student and build on their strengths. The main thing educators need to do is pay attention.

How can Mrs. Smith find out what type of learner Sarah is?
                One way Mrs. Smith can find out what type of learner Sarah is, is by giving her an assessment.  Mrs. Smith can see what interests Sarah and she can apply these interests to her learning.  One way she can find this information out is to give not just Sarah, but her whole class a questionnaire asking what their favorite way to learn is, what interests them, what are things they don’t like, etc.  Mrs. Smith can take the information from this questionnaire and it apply to the individuality of each of her students.  Mrs. Smith already has good information on Sarah.  It sounds to me like Sarah may have a deficient in written expression.  Not being able to express written skills may also be contributing to Sarah being socially withdrawn. 
How can she use this information to help Sarah excel in the classroom and go beyond just a basic student?
                One way Mrs. Smith can help Sarah excel in the classroom is by allowing Sarah to dictate to scribe her writing sections.  If the writing portion of the assessment is not based on the function ability of writing, but based on comprehension, then Sarah can explain her response and Mrs. Smith can transcribe for her.  Mrs. Smith can then work in a small group with Sarah and help her achieve small benchmark goals for writing.  By using a strategy of dictating to scribe, and work with Sarah in a more intimate setting, this will allow Sarah to build up her skills in expressive writing. 


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