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ProjectRead the following instructions carefully. ➢    Use the title page as in the next page.➢    There are 5 points for […]

ProjectRead the following instructions carefully.
➢    Use the title page as in the next page.➢    There are 5 points for the presentation of the report. So, try to get full by writing the report in the best possible manner.➢    There should be heading, sub-heading, etc➢    The questions mentioned are only pointers and you need not just answer them. You are free to write your report in your own way. ➢    As per university rules, it is an offence to copy a text directly from a source without proper acknowledgement. You MUST therefore ensure that you acknowledge the sources correctly.➢    The assignments must reach before the deadline otherwise the student will not be assigned any grade➢    You must submit the final report through email.➢    You must note that this assignment is worth 20 marks. And you need to earn it. Put in your best efforts and feel free to consult me at any stage. Just write me an email and I will ensure that I reply within reasonable time.
Write a brief summary on this page explaining the (Not more than 500 words)1.    Background of the problem2.    Why is it important3.    Any other campaign done in the past4.    Who will benefit5.    Concluding words
Chapter 1Background, Purpose and Focus of the Plan•    Mention about the information and evidences that led you to selecting this cause (Why did you choose this?). You have to add all relevant reasons and they should be valid and based on reliable sources.•    Mention about similar such campaign in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere.•    What is the intended impact?•    What are the main barriers•    Who are the target audience?•    How will it impact the overall society
Chapter 2Situation AnalysisDemographic Factors  (About the place, Population, Social Factors, Gender, Education, etc) (What are the external threats/problems in launching this campaign)Describe any previous such efforts in your chosen place or any other part of the world and how were the results.
Chapter 3Target AudienceDescribe the primary target audience for your program SizeProblem incidenceTheir general lifeBarriersTheir psychologyHow can they be reachedWhy are they the best target for your campaign?
Chapter 4Marketing process
4.1    ProductWhat is the major perceived benefitIs there any tangible goods and services that you will offer?4.2    PriceIs there any monetary cost involved for the audience? Explain themIs there any monetary incentives for the audience?Is there any nonmonetary incentiveIs there any nonmonetary disincentive 4.3    Place Where do you want the target audience to perform the desired behaviour and whenWhere and when can they receive the tangible objects, if any?Have you identified any partners/groups who will facilitate these efforts?4.4    PromotionWhat key messages do you want your campaign to communicate to target audienceWho will deliver the messagesIs there any logo, taglines, copy, visuals, colors, scripts, etc for your promotional message?What communication channels will you use and why?Chapter 5Monitoring and evaluation
How will you Pre-test your plan?How will you evaluate the overall plan?What are the exact goals of your plan?How will you measure that the goals are met?When will you measure the results?What will be the cost for evaluation and monitoring?What are the plans for mid-course correction?
points that may help you understand the project in an easy way.
1. You have to write a report of the project. A report is a presentation of your work. 2. I have given you chapters and details. It is upto you to manage the contents in each chapter. It is not Question and Answer thing. In each chapter write what information you have.3. A campaign can be related to any change that you feel is important for the society. You can find details in newspapers, magazines, etc to know if your idea is really important. This will be your content for the introduction chapter.4. Read book or follow the lectures to see how an idea for change can be implemented. Make a good plan that can be really implemented.


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