The instructional/training manual The instructional/training manual

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Learning and CognitionTable of ContentsList all sections included in the instructional/training manual with the applicable page numbersPreface (Links to an external site.)100 to 150 wordsProvide an overview of the instructional/training manual and its potential use by your chosen audience. Make sure to identify the value of this information to your audience.Introduction to the major theory topic (behavior analysis, cognitivism, or information processing)200 to 300 wordsProvide an introductory summary of the theory you chose to focus on and explain the value of knowing this information to your audience. Why do they need to know this information?Also identify the areas of application strategies you will include in your instructional/training manualMajor Topic and Inclusion of Potential Applications Discussion1500Organize in sections to help your reader see where the information is that you included.Example: If writing about information processing, one could organize sections for each department of the organization and explain applications personalized for that team.Be specific in your explanations about how the application aligns with theory and the benefit it could have for the organizationParaphrase and use citations to support your information.Apply basic research methods and skeptical inquiry to explain the theoretical perspectives and empirical research that substantiate the relationship between the topic and the application of it to the organization.Conclusion (200 to 300 words)Summarize the importance of your topic to the specific target group you chose (e.g. educators, specific company, etc.) within the learning and cognition domain.
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The instructional/training manual The instructional/training manual .


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