Theories of Inquiry

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Please find attached feedback from the Instructor based on the previous assignmentsDirections:Reflect on the feedback provided by your instructor on the draft of the 10 Strategic Points that you previously completed. Integrate that feedback as well as your own new ideas into a revised draft the 10 Strategic Points for the potential dissertation research study.Resources1. 10 Strategic PointsFamiliarize yourself with this document found in the DC Network under the Research/Dissertation tab. You will be completing this document as you progress in the dissertation process. This document will be expanded to become your dissertation. Insight, Inference, Evidence, and Verification: Creating a Legitimate DisciplineMorse, J. M. (2006). Insight, inference, evidence, and verification: Creating a legitimate discipline. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 5(1), 1-7. Pursuing Excellence in Qualitative InquiryGergen, K. J. (2014). Pursuing excellence in qualitative inquiry. Qualitative Psychology, 1(1), 49-60. doi:10.1037/qup0000002 Qualitative Inquiry in the History of PsychologyWertz, F. J. (2014). Qualitative inquiry in the history of psychology. Qualitative Psychology, 1(1), 4-16. doi:10.1037/qup0000007 The Promises of Qualitative InquiryGergen, K. J., Josselson, R., & Freeman, M. (2015). The promises of qualitative inquiry. American Psychologist, 70(1), 1-9. doi:10.1037/a0038597
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Theories of Inquiry .


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