This virtual summer programme is led by STEM students, for STEM students

The Summer STEM Institute will introduce high school students to the world of data science through a fully-fledged virtual summer programme. The post This virtual…

Are you a high school student interested in data science? Then this virtual summer programme may be just what you need.
University students from top universities — Harvard, Stanford and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, among others — will be taking the reins in the upcoming Summer STEM Institute (SSI).
This unique summer programme, taking place from June 21 to August 1 this year, is set to feature a data science bootcamp, masterclass lecture series, and a research project.

Future data science students can get a head-start with SSI. Source: Paras Griffin/Getty Images North America/Getty Images via AFP
What will I learn?
The six-week bootcamp is the core of this virtual summer programme. Students will spend 20 hours a week learning how to conduct data science research from Harvard and Stanford instructors.
On top of that, a Masterclass seminar series with over 30 speakers will take place throughout the programme. You will hear from Forbes 30 Under 30 inductees, Science Talent Search winners, and students who got into multiple elite universities.
If you want to go the extra mile and apply what you’ve learned, you can opt to do a research project. You will work with SSI mentors to craft papers, posters, and oral presentations that prepare you for university life.
Your projects will be graded and awarded. Students may submit their projects for publication or to the top science fairs in the US.
Will there be homework?
You bet! Since you will be learning the fundamentals of data science, what better way to sharpen all that newfound knowledge?
Participants will receive weekly homework assignments so they better understand the subject matter.
SSI said, “We intend for SSI to be an environment focusing on learning and growth and not grades.”
Students from all over the world are welcome to join, especially if they intend to study in the US. Source: Paras Griffin/Getty Images North America/Getty Images via AFP
Do I qualify for this virtual summer programme?
The SSI was created to train novices who will become future STEM leaders. Hence, you are not required to have any prior programming or research experience.
Future university students from all over the world are welcome to participate since all sessions will be conducted online. Bear in mind that classes will follow PST to EST time zone schedules.
Come with an appetite for learning and a curiosity about data science!
How do I apply for this STEM summer programme?
SSI is a paid summer programme, but those who need financial help can apply for aid. International students are eligible for financial aid, too.
The fees are US$2,450 for the bootcamp and masterclass package, or US$6,450 fo the bootcamp, masterclass, and project.
Rolling admissions are open till May 30, 2020. Apply for free on the official website, or e-mail for more information.
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This virtual summer programme is led by STEM students, for STEM students



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