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While I’m happy with my employer, I’m not sure about posting the actual name here as a reference. The information […]

While I’m happy with my employer, I’m not sure about posting the actual name here as a reference. The information comes from the facility’s internal intranet.
No job posting specifies any gender or race as a condition of employment. The predominant conditions of prerequisites are education, licensure in the state and experience is taken into consideration though not heavily as new graduates are often offered positions of employment. Experience lends to starting above the bottom of the pay scale. In the department I work in, we have a diverse number of staff from different races, cultures, and obviously, both genders.  Having interacted with numerous staff and employees in the facility, every department appears staffed in this manner.
I can proudly say that my employer was recently recognized by the Institute for Diversity in Health Management (IFD), an affiliate of the American Hospital Association, for its exemplary work in addressing health disparities and improving diversity. Additionally, a national survey of more than 900 hospitals across the country, it stood out as Best in Class in three categories and was also identified as a Best Overall Performer. (copied from facility intranet) Understand that more than one facility can receive these designations.
When my nephew was preparing for graduation from high school (his father passed away suddenly about 3 months before his graduation), being the dutiful uncle, I sat down with him to discuss life after graduation. He believed he could find any job just by walking in and applying. His appearance was this – his hair laid over his shoulders, yes, that long and his beard was scraggily from not being trimmed. After talking with him about realistic jobs he could find due to only high school education, I suggested he get a trim of the hair on his whole head. I was a bit surprised at his response. He stated that no employer could deny him employment based on his hair. I made the effort to explain that they would grant him an interview but if it was a job that interacted with the public, employers want someone who represents the company and this is generally a nice looking person. He would never know that he was not offered a job because the employer would simply say that they found another person who better met the requirements. It seemed difficult for him to grasp the concept and he is an intelligent kid.
The last time I saw him, he had a nice haircut and was clean shaven and was working at a restaurant while going to college. While I doubt my suggestion had any effect on this change, he does look nice.
I agree that conflict between employees is inevitable. Any time more than one person is in any type of relationship, there exists potential for conflict. I was recently on the receiving end of a verbal onslaught from a co-worker. My initial reaction was to say something back but, fortunately, my brain engaged before my mouth. I’ve not always been so fortunate. The verbal barrage lasted for only a minute or two at the very most. It was witnessed by two other co-workers and the charge therapist. The two fellow co-workers did compliment me on handling it well. I told them my thought if I had answered that it would just have made it worse. The charge therapist handled the situation and talking with the other therapist and then me incredibly well. Much better than I had expected. I did have to relate to a couple of upper management supervisors what happened but have let the incident be without pushing it further.
My employer intranet website. Sorry, I will try to find out if it is acceptable that I  list them here. If it is, I will properly list them. Thank you for your understanding.
This Response MUST be below 10% Originality. Absolutely NO Plagiarism! Add References and Citing where or when necessary. Please use your own words when responding.


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