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I want to a single selenium test for a feature on a single page application that is being written. The […]

I want to a single selenium test for a feature on a single page application that is being written.

The website can be found here: [login to view URL]

The test should be written as follows:

1. When the page loads, the data mapper panel should be opened by clicking on the bottom tab on the left side of the screen

2. It should make sure that the Demographics menu item is there

3. It should then click on the Demographics menu item and check if the Age item is there

4. It should click on Age and check that Youth population is displayed

5. Finally, it should click on Youth population and check that both Youths and Non youth are visible.

These categories should be configurable so that we can test other categories

The test should be written in Python

Skills: Python, Web Scraping, Selenium Webdriver

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