What ideas for new freeware can you give Paul? What potential uses will the new software have?

PC related freeware are not making more sales compared to mobile-related freeware, and in this case, Paul should focus on a wide range of freeware. Social media applications for fitness and that combine diet management and performance tracking would be such example of freeware to target. Unlike other freeware, this type would remind the users of the different training plans depending on the frequency of undertaking fitness practice (Moore-Thomas, 2019).

The new software will have users drawn from all ages that are interested in improving their health and managing their diet as well. The departure from the one-sided freeware that is either for diet alone and or fitness alone would attract a huge population of people who want to undertake fitness lessons at their convenience but do not wish to incur so much cost as well.

How will it make money?
For the freeware to make money, advertisements on different food products suitable for people who want to achieve different goals would be advertised on the platform. On the same note, firms that are producing different fitness equipment for personalized health and fitness goals would also use the platform to advertise their equipment. With that in mind, the freeware will earn money for adverts and commission on purchases undertaken through the links on the platform.


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